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How RPOs are solving the challenges of healthcare recruitment agencies

  Healthcare is one among several industries that has seen a sharp surge in the hiring volume. A study notes that healthcare organizations were hiring 40% more than they did previously, and that can be termed as a crisis! There are several elements that have resulted in this situation and the healthcare recruitment agencies are […]

Trends Shaping Recruitment in 2018

  The recruitment process is on the verge of some major changes. As businesses become more demanding, acquiring skilled candidates has become an exhausting process. Most of this endless toil goes waste because of the time and effort it requires. To ease this crisis, some major trends are reshaping hiring as we know and could […]

DO’S and DON’T of partnering with an RPO Agency

  Simple steps to help guide your decision-making while partnering with an RPO Agency. Nowadays, when there is such an increase in business competitors, more and more companies are choosing RPO agency to outpace one another.Choosing an RPO agency as a partner can be a huge asset. Except, it should never be an impulsive decision […]

AI for recruiting could be a promising trend in 2018

  If we were to quiz recruiters from around the world to name one milestone technology that has created ripples in the recent years, the one name that would surface is AI. In fact, a recent survey says that about 67% of the recruiting professionals think that AI will help humans in this field. AI […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment

  Get top talent and gain more efficiency while you outsource your recruitment.  “Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.”- Glen Cathey, SVP Talent, Strategy and Innovation, K force. The above mentioned quote not only rings the correct bells but also reiterates the […]

The changing landscape of RPO

  Someone so wisely said, “You cannot manufacture talent… you need to recruit it in the first place.” A multitude of companies is on the constant lookout for people with specific talent and skill sets to shoulder responsibilities with them. On the other side of the spectrum are the millions of skilled, trained and efficient […]

Talent Mining and why it is More Important than Ever

A quality talent mining process is critical to any company’s success. Talent mining is a simple adaption of data mining which essentially means sorting through large data and picking out relevant information. It can be defined as the science of choosing through a large number of talent related data usually found in resume databases. Let’s […]

Recruitment Training for Future-Proofing Recruitment Strategies

Smarter and more targeted Recruitment Strategies While the competition for talent is surely heating up, we’re also witnessing changes in recruitment strategies and recruitment training methods. A combination of in-house and outsourced approaches to recruitment is increasingly becoming the trend while outsourced recruitment becoming one of the most useful resource for HR teams. Recruitment training […]

Glocal’s Work Culture

Glocal’s Work Culture If there’s one thing that defines best-performing companies, it’s not the bottom line – it’s the work culture. Glocal’s work culture is a blend of diversity and inclusivity and, we are proud of our immensely motivated and talented global workforce hailing from diverse cultures and contrasting backgrounds. Our people are our biggest […]

Donald Trump’s Tax-Cut will lead to job creation or economic growth?

Will the ‘Rocket Fuel’ pitted as Donald Trump’s Tax Cut lead to job creation or economic growth? The buzz in New York is the much-hyped tax-reform proposed by Donald Trump will benefit the already wealthy more than any other group. A majority of Americans, however, believe the tax cut sold as ‘rocket-fuel’ will be any […]

Top Career Advise of 2017

As we step into 2018 we decided to mull over some of the most poignant career advise/tips from 2017. Sounds cliché but a New Year is always a time for few resolutions and some reflections. This probably is the best time to make some necessary tweaks to our own career. So here’s some of the […]

Ways Startups Can Trump Technology Giants

Enormous advantages for Startups as compared to their massive competitors. As an entrepreneur having multi-million dollar companies as your competitors is the terrifying thing. We are sure you the story of David and Goliath, once in a blue moon the underdog win. But does this leave any space for startups to grow as big names […]

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