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VMS Recruiting: All You Need to Know Virtual Recruiter

Tap into the VMS opportunity with Glocal ORPO’s specialized VMS recruiters.

Vendor management system (VMS), a fairly recent phenomenon, is gaining fast momentum, especially in big companies. VMS is a software program that allocates job requirements to staffing companies, independent consultants, recruiters, and consulting companies. This program facilitates the interviewing and hiring process, time management, endorsement, and payment for employees (temporary, contingent, and full time). Companies employing a Vendor Management System (VMS) model have specific needs in their staffing search.

VMS poses a lot of challenges for staffing companies since they have minimal or no contact with the hiring managers and thus cannot establish the exact needs or requirements. However, considering the bulk of requirements generated through VMS, it is hard to ignore such an opportunity. This brings the staffing companies to a catch 22 situation since it requires dedicated recruitment efforts with lower warrantee of returns. It essentially becomes a cost v/s profit equation. We help our partners overcome this dilemma.

Recruiting costs for many a company go up because vendor ‘fill ratios’ sink. On an average, it has been found that out of every three to five resumes presented, one is made in a non-VMS program. This only results in a fourfold increase in recruiting cost. We, at Glocal ORPO, do not let this happen.

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We realize the importance of cost control and filling talent gaps quickly and efficiently.

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Glocal ORPO’s teams of virtual offshore experts are knowledgeable about the VMS model inside out. Our specialized VMS recruiters cost less than hiring a recruiter onsite, thus bringing you expertise at lower expenditure, and balancing the cost v/s profit equation in your favour. Our partners have increasingly banked upon us and benefited, outsourcing top notch talent to handle VMS accounts. When you access our services, you need not invest time and resources on training. You also benefit significantly from our automated/online time reporting systems that have proved extremely effective for our partners (and their clients).

When it comes to Vendor Management Tools, our recruiters possess expert proficiency in the following systems:

  • Artemis
  • Beeline
  • Clarity
  • FieldGlass
  • Insight
  • Peopleclick
  • Ameriforce
  • IQNavigator
  • Workcard
  • Chimes
  • Peopleclick and more.

We employ VMS programs to facilitate high volume recruitments at fast turnaround time in low margins, providing the right talent, just when you need them.

Glocal ORPO follows a rate card pay scale and meets Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements. We have tested experience for achieving SLA goals:

  • Submittal Response Time
  • Retention/Project Completion
  • Orders Received to Placement Ratios
  • Interview to Placement Ratios
  • Interview to Submit Ratios
  • Conversion to FTE

At Glocal ORPO, we have large volume of resources not readily available from other agencies or job boards. Proven results set our VMS services apart from the rest. And we can get started the very day you sign a partnership project with us.

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