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Glocal is a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) firm with offices in USA and India, and branches around the world. We employ dedicated virtual teams, deep domain experience and local insight to help our RPO partners recruit talent globally.
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What is the Recruitment Outsourcing Process?

Needless to mention as we all know that recruitment outsourcing has become a significant factor amongst developing business organisations due to major evolution in jobs and placements scenarios. It's quite evident that outsourcing proficient and experienced candidates through recruitment agencies tend to be more beneficial because the prior agenda of all the recruitment consulting companies is to perform a thorough background check of the candidate alongside reviewing all the information related to the candidate's personal, educational and professional domains. In addition, at Glocal RPO we follow the same thumb rule and work with a well-developed team of professionals who have several years of experience in hiring the best candidates after a series of detailed interviews and discussions for numerous clients which range from educational, e-commerce to the healthcare sector. Although, the list doesn't end here and there are other business entrepreneurs too who love to consult us for recruiting suitable candidates for their organisation and we're too kinda fond of helping them again and again.

Though the workload gets reduced after consulting recruitment agencies for outsourcing the promising candidates, there are various other sets of advantages associated with this segment which lead to the advancement of recruitment consulting firms all across the globe.

Learn about how we help clients in a stream streamlined manner about some benefits of choosing and how we help our clients in a streamlined manner?

  • Reduction in Cost Expenses
  • Accumulation of Huge Talent at One Place
  • Customized Hiring Procedure
  • Detailed Analysis of Recruitment Process
  • Hire Qualified Candidates in Relevance with the Job Profile
  • Access to Personalized Legal Opinions
  • Rapid Hiring Procedure
  • Accelerates the financial growth
  • Desirable Candidates come up with Unique and Innovative ideas
  • Advertises the Job Profile in the Relevant Manner

Why Choose Glocal RPO as Your Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company?

An RPO, these days, spells recruitment success for a small to a big organization in India. Glocal is a provider of recruitment process outsourcing services in India and worldwide, more particularly helping organizations in the USA source talent from the home country itself. Over the years, it has delivered excellent staffing solutions to clients big and small. The recruitment process outsourcing services India offered at Glocal are listed under various segments such as sourcers, recruiters, job search agents, business development managers, and recruitment training. Each service has exclusive provisions that a client organization can leverage as per requirement.

Sourcers are specialized professionals who have the technology and expertise to source resumes and the essential information as per client requirements. Recruitment is the quintessential of all the recruitment services. It involves pulling out JDs, screening of sourced resumes, shortlisting potential candidates, interviewing and inducting the selected employees into the company. Glocal, as a business development manager, helps the client organization in marketing, proposal management, strategy and business planning, turning the organization into one of the most banked upon resources in the industry. Explore the complete range of services offered by Glocal here. Glocal is the name you can bank upon for recruitment process outsourcing services in India.

An extension of your team that goes the extra mile, to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company

Recruitment is an ever-growing market. Employers and employees are always on the lookout to select the best resources to meet their requirements. RPOs or recruitment process outsourcing firms have entered the market to make both these ends meet. Employers often opt for RPOs thanks to their speed of recruiting and cost-effective services. But the benefits of such collaboration go much beyond the obvious and help the companies in varied ways. Below are the benefits of hiring the top RPOs. Analyse data for your advantage: A top RPO like Glocal RPO can help you analyse data to understand the hiring needs better. This will streamline the recruiting process by calculating the number of candidates available in the talent pool and their adaptability time.

Hire to meet your specific need: RPOs have expertise in all things recruiting. Thus, they are the best option when it comes to finding a specific talent. They not only target their recruiting strategy to attract such talent but also adopt techniques to deliver within the stipulated time.

Test the quality of the candidates: One of the major challenges that recruiters face while hiring for entry-level jobs is the quality of candidates. Recruitment Process Outsourcing agencies can help fill this gap. They test candidates beyond their education and experience, they will be able to analyse social and cultural aspects as well.

They help fetch you more visibility: When you collaborate with a dynamic RPO it’s a long term association. During those phases when you don't have any hiring requirements, an RPO organization can double as your reputation manager.

Don't just fill jobs - fulfill mandates.

Get the Glocal edge to enhance your brand image, improve your client base, and nurture enduring relationships with them.
We impact your hiring with the following advantages:


Get better quality hires with our extensive local knowledge - globally.

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Enjoy big cost savings on infrastructure, overheads, training and management.


Get experienced recruiters to work as your extended team, towards a common goal.

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Support across the recruitment value chain.


The freedom to choose your own recruiter team.

recruitment process outsourcing servicesCustomizability

The flexibility to avail only a slice of our service line.

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Expand your business across the globe easily.

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Enjoy excellent Turn Around Time.

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Retain your grip over the entire process with updates & reports.

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Get expert advice on planning, training, branding.

Competitive Edge

Get ahead by freeing up resources for core jobs.

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Broaden your scope of services.

Go from hit-and-miss Roulette to a well-planned hiring strategy.

Intuitive, scalable and flexible, our proprietary process doesn't just deliver better quality talent more economically, but does so with a much higher degree of accuracy, every time.
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Access top recruiters to work for you.
At a price that does the same.

Get the finest talent professionals to deliver results on your terms.
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1. Connect

Connect with a recruiter or sourcer in your requirement space.

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2. Compare

Compare custom-proposals by verifying expertise & reviews and engaging in risk-free chat.

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3. Choose

Choose a recruiter to work for you at a cost that's right, while retaining complete control over the process.

Precisely why our process is acutely customizable to your exact requirements – whether your hiring volume is big or small.

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