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The winning ORPO ammunition
every RPO needs.

Glocal is a leading Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing (ORPO) firm with offices in USA and India, and branches around the world. We employ dedicated virtual teams, deep domain experience and local insight to help our RPO partners recruit talent globally.
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A dedicated extension of your team

rpo recruiting companies

Boosted ROI due to reduced costs

recruitment process outsourcing companies

Hiring locally around the globe

recruitment outsourcing companies

No setting-up or infrastructure hassles

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No training or monitoring worries

recruitment process outsourcing services

Results from day one

An extension of your team that goes the extra mile, to meet your unique needs.

Don’t just fill jobs - fulfill mandates.

Get the Glocal edge to enhance your brand image, improve your client base, and nurture enduring relationships with them.
We impact your hiring with the following advantages:


Get better quality hires with our extensive local knowledge – globally.


Enjoy big cost savings on infrastructure, overheads, training and management.


Get experienced recruiters to work as your extended team, towards a common goal.


Support across the recruitment value chain.


The freedom to choose your own recruiter team.


The flexibility to avail only a slice of our service line.

business-growthScale Up

Expand your business across the globe easily.


Enjoy excellent Turn Around Time.


Retain your grip over the entire process with updates & reports.


Get expert advice on planning, training, branding.

competitive-edgeCompetitive Edge

Get ahead by freeing up resources for core jobs.

expand-portfolioExpand Portfolio

Broaden your scope of services.

Go from hit-and-miss Roulette to a well-planned hiring strategy.

Intuitive, scalable and flexible, our proprietary process doesn’t just deliver better quality talent more economically, but does so with a much higher degree of accuracy, every time.
offshore recruitment services rpo recruiting companies

Access top recruiters to work for you.
At a price that does the same.

Get the finest talent professionals to deliver results on your terms.

1. Connect

Connect with a recruiter or sourcer in your requirement space.


2. Compare

Compare custom-proposals by verifying expertise & reviews and engaging in risk-free chat.


3. Choose

Choose a recruiter to work for you at a cost that’s right, while retaining complete control over the process.

Precisely why our process is acutely customizable to your exact requirements – whether your hiring volume is big or small.

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