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Glocal is a leading Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company with branches all over the world and offices in the USA and India. We use specialized virtual teams, extensive topic knowledge, and local knowledge to support our RPO partners in finding people internationally.
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Recruitment process outsourcing is not a novel concept in hiring. It has existed for over a decade and has never been more critical than now - when businesses deal with significant volatility in demand.

Hiring knowledgeable and experienced candidates through recruitment agencies is more advantageous because all recruitment consulting firms prioritize conducting a thorough background check on every candidate and reviewing all relevant data of the candidate's personal, academic, and professional domains.

Recruitment process outsourcing firms work with companies that require immediate assistance with their recruitment needs. Recruitment consulting companies have developed unique recruitment techniques to specifically satisfy such a demand, and this cooperation tremendously benefits the organization. The short- and long-term, goal-oriented recruitment approaches are standard practice for recruitment outsourcing firms.

A recruitment process outsourcing agreement specifying the project's scope, schedule, cost, and other details, is often the first step in the recruitment process.

Recruitment outsourcing companies will assist in your effective hiring by helping in your search for the best candidates. That is why recruitment outsourcing is essential. Because, even under run-down conditions, it can assist you in hiring the best, whichever part of the world you are in!


  • Cost-expense reduction
  • Fill positions on time and with the right talent and at scale
  • Build assurance with hard-to-fill hiring
  • Build hiring structures that's adaptable to any situation
  • Global complianceGlobal compliance
  • Reduction in talent acquisition spending
  • Improved candidate engagement
  • Higher strategic insight
  • Effective hiring process
  • Recruit qualified candidates matching the Job profile

Benefits of a Top Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company

Which company would not want an extended arm that can align the people strategy and work as a strategic 'people' partner? That's what a recruitment process outsourcing company can do. It can either oversee the entire recruitment lifecycle or manage a specific part of it, such as resources, screening, technology, innovation, or branding. Partnering with an RPO can have the following benefits:

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Candidate search and market mapping

To create a strategy specifically suited to your company's objectives, talent acquisition professionals assess the state of the market and the talent pool to formulate perfectly-aligned job descriptions.

Candidate Screening

Candidate Screening

RPO providers look up potential candidates using internal databases and social media networks like LinkedIn. Background checks are done to ensure you only see individuals who have been thoroughly verified.

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RPO business recruiters and senior team members conduct interviews and ensure the prospects have a great experience throughout the hiring process.

recruitment process outsourcing companies


Throughout the onboarding process, RPO recruiting teams stay in touch with candidates to provide them with essential details about their new position.

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Cost savings

Outsourcing recruitment can be more cost-effective than managing it in-house, as it can reduce the need for internal staff and resources dedicated to recruitment.

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Improved efficiency

An RPO provider can bring specialized expertise and technology to the recruitment process, potentially resulting in a more efficient and streamlined process.

recruitment process outsourcing companies

Increased focus on core business

Throughout the onboarding process, RPO recruiting teams stay in touch with candidates to provide them with essential details about their new position.

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Access to a wider pool of candidates

An RPO provider may have a larger network of candidates and resources for finding top talent, which can be especially useful for companies with hard-to-fill positions.

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Improved candidate experience

An RPO provider can provide a more professional and efficient recruitment process, leading to a better candidate experience and improving the company's reputation as an employer.

An extension of your team that goes the extra mile, to meet your unique needs.


As a workforce solution, recruitment process outsourcing allows companies to outsource all or a portion of their hiring to a third party. Glocal, a leader in recruitment process outsourcing services in India and worldwide, specializes in helping businesses in the USA find talent within the bounds of their home nation.

Glocal RPO's recruitment process outsourcing services in India are classified into several classes: sources, recruiters, job search agents, business development managers, and recruitment training. Each service offers unique features that a client organization can use as required.

Glocal RPO manages permanent recruiting within a corporation. A talent acquisition team, the newest hiring technology, and adaptable hiring procedures are all implemented by an effective recruitment process outsourcing program within an organization.

Teams of skilled recruiters who are knowledgeable about a variety of sectors and job functions are on board. They can help businesses find qualified individuals more quickly than if they handled the process themselves.

Partnering with Glocal RPO gives access to a wider candidate pool, including those looking for work and those who are only contemplating new options. That is why Glocal RPO is called ‘a pioneer in recruitment process outsourcing services in India!

Don’t just fill jobs - fulfill mandates.

Get the Glocal edge to enhance your brand image, improve your client base, and nurture enduring relationships with them.
We impact your hiring with the following advantages:


Get better quality hires with our extensive local knowledge – globally.

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Enjoy big cost savings on infrastructure, overheads, training and management.


Get experienced recruiters to work as your extended team, towards a common goal.

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Support across the recruitment value chain.


The freedom to choose your own recruiter team.

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The flexibility to avail only a slice of our service line.

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Expand your business across the globe easily.

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Enjoy excellent Turn Around Time.

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Retain your grip over the entire process with updates & reports.

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Get expert advice on planning, training, branding.

Competitive Edge

Get ahead by freeing up resources for core jobs.

rpo agencyExpand Portfolio

Broaden your scope of services.

Go from hit-and-miss Roulette to a well-planned hiring strategy.

Intuitive, scalable and flexible, our proprietary process doesn’t just deliver better quality talent more economically, but does so with a much higher degree of accuracy, every time.
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Access top recruiters to work for you.
At a price that does the same.

Get the finest talent professionals to deliver results on your terms.
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1. Connect

Connect with a recruiter or sourcer in your requirement space.

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2. Compare

Compare custom-proposals by verifying expertise & reviews and engaging in risk-free chat.

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3. Choose

Choose a recruiter to work for you at a cost that’s right, while retaining complete control over the process.

Precisely why our process is acutely customizable to your exact requirements – whether your hiring volume is big or small.

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