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Trends Reshaping healthcare RPO strategies

Trends Reshaping healthcare RPO strategies


Over the past couple of years, recruitment industry experts have noticed some strong trends that might transform into trendsetters in the coming decade. Healthcare recruiting in particular has seen its own developments and hurdles which challenges the healthcare RPOs to adopt innovative and tech driven hiring techniques, if they want to survive in this volatile industry. Let’s take a look at the 4 major trends that are reshaping the market.

Immense talent crunch: Healthcare recruiting is facing quite a stormy weather and it will only get intense. A large chunk of labour force in healthcare will retire by 2025, leaving behind enormous staffing shortage. With more than 40% of the US population crossing 65 years threshold, the demand for healthcare services will be huge. Such a crunch needs dynamic solutions.

Retention more important than ever: Healthcare professionals of all grades move from one organisation to another for better salary and position. But shocking more than 50% of them left their previous jobs due to work pression, poor work culture, long working hours, frustration and so on which has forced hospitals to pay heightened attention towards caring for their employees. Huge amount of time and resources are spent to make their staff feel comfortable and thus retain them in their hospitals.

Optimized job boards: Job boards are in for a revolution! Inclusion of AI and big data has changed the way job advertising works. Job descriptions, roles and responsibilities etc. have become precise to the dot. Programmatic job advertisements are designed to reachout to the most suitable candidates within quickly. This trend is expected to evolve in future.

Tech assisted personalised recruiting: The younger generation looks for a lot more than just money while selecting a job. Healthcare RPOs cannot afford to ignore the need for personalised recruiting process not only for the candidates but for the employers as well. Going further, we will see more and more complicated technology being used to evaluate culture, values and lifestyle of the candidate and not just the technical skills.

Let us wait and see how these trends will impact the way candidates are hired in healthcare industry.




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