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Temporary Staffing Agencies’ Cheat Sheet to Evaluate Candidates

Temporary Staffing Agencies’ Cheat Sheet to Evaluate Candidates


Hiring has never been an easy task. With a job opening attracting 250 resumes on an average, hiring is becoming a lengthy process requiring strenuous efforts. This process becomes more uphill when one needs to hire temporary staff. Be it a festive time or approaching New Year season, companies from time to time need temporary staff to shoulder the additional workload. This has triggered an increase in temporary staffing agencies worldwide.

Solving your hiring issues and adopting the best industry practices allow top RPOs like GlocalRPO to have a great hiring culture and attract talented workforce. But, how do you evaluate a candidate’s profile and worthiness in short time, when need for temporary staff is urgent?

Our Temporary Staffing Agencies’ Cheat Sheet should be helpful:

  1. Resume Check-up

With unemployment on its toes, candidates exaggerate their skills, experiences, and education in order to get hired. Therefore, it is in the best of practices to verify every detail mentioned in the resume by calling the mentioned companies, educational institutions, and references.

  1. Pre-Screening

Introducing pre-screening measures allows verifying and gauging a candidate’s skills even before you interview them. Leading healthcare recruiting companies  prefer giving a mock test to evaluate a mass of candidates and screen them to next level.

Popular methods of pre-screening include:

  • Using keywords search in resume
  • Personality test
  • Sample Job task test to verify candidates skills
  1. Two Step Interview

Calling all potential candidates for an interview is a laborious task. Solution is to find a quick fix to pickout the final candidates that are likely to be your next temporary staff. Temporary staffing agencies can either have a telephonic or video call interview to assess the applicants and only the select few will actually attend the final interview.

These practical solutions are proven to be highly helpful in recruiting best temporary staff during the crunch season.





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