RPO offshores, “An all-round benefit”

Hiring being the most demanding phase of the industry needs a lot of efforts and time which is not practically feasible for every organization, this is where Offshore RPOs come into the picture, their well-managed and planned hiring structure ensures to give the quality solution to recruitment and other business troubles. Their experience and skills […]

How to choose an RPO

1) RPO requirement and options available It often comes to our mind that in a technologically advanced world, what is the need to hire someone to do something that can be done on our own but what is important to note is that not always we make correct decisions in one go and therefore it […]

The RPO life-cycle

The procedure or the phase of recruitment is the most imperative stage for any organization as it gives them their center quality that is the labor or employees. It is the caliber and capability of employees which constitutes in the success of the organization. Hence, this phase must be given the core focus but due […]

Ways to reduce cost through RPO

Recruitment process is the most important phase for any company as it gives them their core strength that is the manpower. The caliber and potential of the employees defines the strength of the company. Hence, it is essential to have workforce which is good enough to take initiative and perform from their core strength. But […]

Offshore some processes and Save time

1. Job Postings Job posting is the first and most important step when you think of recruiting.  Job posting is what brings candidates to you and therefore it has to be detailed and alluring enough. It has to be of type that answers most of the questions of candidates and makes them curious towards that […]

Reasons to Involve HR in Planning a Business Strategy

Current job market that is defined by increasing competition for skilled talent, HR leaders can do a lot to make an impact on an organization’s working structure and its business strategies. Starting from recruiting to employee development and engagement to retention strategies, HR leaders along with their teams are expected to bring data-driven solutions that […]

Ways To Structure HR Department

With the growth of a firm, arises the need of a designated HR department. HR leader must be able to determine how activities will be organized, controlled and coordinated within a department. Below are some innovative ways to structure your HR department:    1. Hire for “People Operations” “People Operations” is basically a data-based approach […]

Steps To Select The Right Candidate

Recruitment process is important for new as well as established firms. Given are few steps necessary to select a right candidate: 1) Application This is the first and very basic step in the recruitment and selection process. You ask application from candidates using a variety of methods to find the suitable ones. Applications can be […]

Recruitment and selection “Failures”

Employees are the backbone of any organisation and their innovation, productivity and passion is what facilitates success in today’s economy. Talented employees fill leadership roles, create opportunities and build synergetic teams. At times, organisations fail to realize how each step is interrelated in selecting best and most capable candidates. Some of the common failures have […]

How To Keep Your Potential Talent

Companies need to take essential steps in order to keep the people they believe may become their future leaders. Potential employees are attracted to companies that are known for providing strong development opportunities. At times, the chosen ones don’t stick around for a long time or don’t live up to expectations and then it becomes […]

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