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Understanding the benefits of Temp-to-Hire

Understanding the benefits of Temp-to-Hire


With the gig economy on rise, companies increasingly have contractual and temporary positions to hire candidates. In simple terms, ‘Temporary to hire’ is a term used for provisional job positions, where a candidate is hired on a temporary basis mainly via temporary staffing agencies.

Such temporary positions are beneficial for both companies and candidates. Where companies can decide whether a person is fit for full time role, candidates get to work on new projects.

Let’s look at 3 chief benefits of temporary to hire positions:

  1. Shoulder increased workload

Temporary to hire positions arises when companies have an urgent opening because of new projects or need more staff anytime during the year. Temporary staff bring in their own skills and talent, and usually cost less than full time employees. So, if a company has an increased need of staff, hiring temporary candidates is the best fit to save time and cost.

  1. Potential candidates for full time role:

Companies need to invest a lot of time and energy to find full time employees who not only match the company culture but also contribute with their skills and expertise. For healthcare recruiting companies hiring a candidate in a temporary position is a great way to assess their skills. Employing them for a 3 to 6 months role helps the company decide whether a candidate is good for future or not.

  1. Candidates with a varied set of skills

It is noted that best performers often take up temp-to-hire openings to expand their skills. When temporary staffing agencies recruit such candidates for their clients, they are getting the better end of the deal. You can be assured that such candidates with varied set of skills will stepin during the time of crisis and bail you out.

Temporary to hire positions are a win-win for both companies and employees and provide ample time for both to for foresee a future together.





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