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Hospitality Recruitment Agencies – Ask Them The Right Questions

Hospitality Recruitment Agencies – Ask Them The Right Questions


Hospitality and Leisure industry is one of the most vibrant industries currently in the US. Tens of thousands of people every year go on business trips, family and personal vacation, corporate tours and all of them look for brands that deliver the best kind of hospitality. This presents itself as a wonderful opportunity as well as a challenge for hospitality businesses. To deliver on the expectations of their customers, they need to have the best and the most amicable staff. Hospitality recruitment agencies have emerged as the go-to solution for businesses to meet their hospitality staffing needs. Before getting collaborated with an RPO, here are the 7 questions you should ask them to ensure they are capable of delivering what they promise.

  1. What is unique about you that your competitors don’t have?

There are several recruiters in the market and they all are here to do business. What sets them apart are some definite differentiators. Ask the RPOs to define their unique qualities and how they can help find the best candidates for you.

  1. Can you give us a brief about your work history?

Experience and background check is something that should never be overlooked. Before hiring a recruitment agency, ask their portfolio and the proof of their previous work. Look out for information that looks fishy. It might be an indicator that the agency is not genuine.

  1. What do your ex-clients say about you?

Client feedback and recommendation holds great value when it comes to recruitment market. Ask the RPO to share what their previous and present clients say about their services. This should include feedback from companies as well as candidates which will help you to get a holistic picture of their work approach.

  1. Tell us a bit more about your expertise.

This is an era of niche recruiting. When you are going through the list of Hospitality recruitment agencies, ensure they have expertise in this industry. The best way to examine this is to discuss with them the approach and techniques they adopt for their clients. Those who incorporate latest technology and smart methods should be your top choice.

  1. What additional services can you offer?

Recruiters can offer a wide variety of services related to recruiting and hiring. You have to ask for a list of add-on services that a particular RPO has to offer. They might assist you in onboarding, training, employee engagement, retention, determining competitive compensation and so on. Such services put more value on your collaboration with them.

  1. How good are your refund/replacement or guarantee policies?

Both parties desire to have a long term collaboration in business. But there will be times when you are not satisfied with the services of the RPO. To ensure smooth cancellation of the deal, you should always have a good idea about their policies. Most agencies offer replacement services in case you are not satisfied with their results.

  1. Can you give us a breakdown of the fees?

Based on the recruitment needs that your company has, ask the RPO to give you an estimate of the fees they would be charging. Compare 2-3 quotes from different companies to get a fair idea about the trending fees. If there are hidden charges or conditions, you may want to get clarity on those before signing the deal.

Asking such questions will help businesses analyze the quality of the hospitality recruitment agencies and select the best one who can deliver most suitable candidates within the stipulated time and budget.





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