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Balancing performance with excellence.

Drive, commitment and expertise help the Glocal team deliver for its partners.

As partners, Glocal's teams deliver great performances for staffing organizations in the USA. Webring the valuable experience thus gainedto tailor result-driven offshore recruitment process outsourcing services to your exact expectations and requirements at reduced costs and time.

Our virtual offshore team of RPO experts swings into action the moment you sign a contract with us, leveraging effective technologies to custom-design a recruitment strategy in tandem with your onsite team's existing processes and business requirements.

The expansion of your team assures you results right from the inception of the process.

At Glocal RPO, seamless accomplishments are a function of a spirited and driven work culture, team spirit, industry knowledge, participation, motivation, responsibility, accountability, involvement, interdependence, and implementation of creative ideas. Our team of virtual offshore dedicated sourcers, business development managers, job search agents, and recruiters remain committed and focused to deliver their best at every step of the partner project.

Glocal RPO: Team USPs

  • Ability with a sense of dependability
  • Thorough knowledge and responsibility of individual roles
  • Contributing collectively to a common goal
  • Exhibiting individual brilliance and performance
  • Constant research to stay in sync with changing industry trends
  • Use of effective tools, technologies, and processes
  • Quality and competency of Glocal RPO recruiters
  • High level of accuracy and scalability ascertained
  • Quick deployment of high volumes of requirements
Balancing performance with excellence

Deliver beyond expectations, with a team geared to doing the same.

What makes us different?

Glocal RPO differentiates itself from the hordes in more ways than one. Some of the reasons you should consider our services are:

  • Ours is a lean andimpact-driven team of virtual offshore RPO experts who are backed by years of industry knowledge and experience, and come with proven knack to deliver results that consistently exceed your expectations. All you need to do is partner with us, and let our team of sourcers, job search agents, recruiters, and business development managers do the rest, in sync with your onsite team.
  • Innovation is our identity. Creative and out-of-the-box ideas are implemented at every step to give shape to your goals. We constantly create enhanced delivery mechanisms and newer business models to create value for your organization.
  • As your partner, we provide high quality real time services and contribute to your success.
  • We offer a gamut of customized offshore solutions encompassing IT recruiting, contract staffing, permanent staffing, and VMS recruiting.
  • We balance service levels and pricing to help you save significantly on both overall costs and time, and achieve targets better.
  • Sourcing our offshore services fetches you increased return on your investment (ROI).
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