Glocal Leads the 360° Outsourcing Space

Glocal’s outsourcing capabilities extend beyond recruitment, with niche capabilities in various outsourcing industries.

Glocal’s Diversified and Niche Outsourcing Ventures

Glocal is a market leader in the outsourcing business. Our fast-growing ventures conquer every
outsourcing industry, whether recruitment, accounting, legal, IT, technology, accounting,
filmmaking, abroad education or insurance.

Glocal Accounting

#1 offshore global finance partner. Glocal Accounting has years of expertise in International Accounting, Payroll and Taxation with established clients across the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Asian countries.

Glocal Edits

Glocal Edits is an emerging venture that's causing a stir in the video editing industry by providing top-tier, premium videos that enthrall audiences, communicate brand narratives effectively, and establish a strong emotional bond with viewers. Its rapid growth is a testament to its success.

Glocal Assist

Founded in 2007, Glocal Assist is one of the fastest growing global technology companies. It builds cutting-edge software and mobile applications that bring the ultimate connected experiences.

Glocal LPO

Global, reputed legal process outsourcing company– driving businesses ‘legally ahead’ with offshore litigation consultation, managed document review, contact management and a complete suite of outsourced legal solutions.

Glocal VA

A specialized venture that offers VAs in various areas including real estate, technology, consultancy, designing, personal assistance, advertising, and more. The team of highly skilled VA's can help you save up to 70% of your time by handling non-core tasks.

Glocal Insurance

Supporting insurance companies with front and backend outsourcing solutions. Premier call center, customer service, data management services for insurance brokers, MGAs, carriers and agents. A venture that has insurance businesses, covered – fully!

Glocal Wins The Global Outsourcing Game

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