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Busting the Myths about Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies

Busting the Myths about Recruitment Process Outsourcing Companies


Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is slowly gaining momentum. More strategic than traditional recruiting, RPOs have emerged as a major player driving recruitment industry using technology and unique hiring techniques.

With growing demand come many myths surrounding the industry. While Recruitment process outsourcing services are still a new and evolving industry, the myths floating around create confusion in the minds of clients. Today, let’s talk about how these myths are just mere misconceptions and in reality what potential does RPO hold for the future of recruiting.

  1. RPO services are expensive

That is not true. It has been proved that RPO holds the potential to cut the entire cost of recruitment process by 15%-40%. RPOs channelize the whole process as strategic as it can be and establish long term collaboration, which reduces the overall expenditure of the company on recruiting.

  1. You lose control over recruitment

RPOs always work in collaboration  with their clients. They do not take over your recruitment but rather amalgamate with you and the internal HR team to build a strategic, supportive, yet uncontrolled recruitment process. Healthcare recruitment agencies for example work with the hospital to customize the hiring process and to screen the exact professional skills they require.

  1. RPO services benefit only for long term

It is true that Recruitment process outsourcing services are best suited for long-term relationship. But having said that. RPO services are as effective for a short term or one time hiring.  RPOs follow a flexible process, which can be used whenever the need arises.

  1. RPOs work only for big companies

This is one of the biggest misconception, which floats around RPOs. From a start-up to a multi-million company, anybody can hire recruitment agencies to find the right talent for them. RPOs work in tune with a brand’s scalability and business demand and not according to the size of the company.

If you were reluctant to hire an RPO due to any such myths, hope we have given you the right perspective. With clearly defined process, access to proper data and mutual trust, well-designed Recruitment process outsourcing services can hire valuable talents for you along will saving your money and time.




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