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Q. Who can source Glocal RPO Services?
Q. What is incorporated in Glocal RPO Services?
  • Dedicated experienced personnel and the required infrastructure to function
  • Access to job boards such as Dice, CareerBuilder, Monster, etc. including related databases
  • Team of virtual offshore Glocal RPO recruiters, job search agents, business development managers, and sourcers who work from recruitment centers in India. The team has the expertise and experience needed to quickly increase the efficiency of your recruiting department
  • Your recruiting costs get dramatically reduced
Q. Instead of using an in-house team, why should I source Glocal RPO services?
  • We, Glocal RPO, are an offshore recruitment outsourcing provider. Availing our services, you can improve efficiency and effectiveness of your existing onsite team in talent acquisition. Our virtual offshore recruiters team up with your onsite team to deliver results. You can leverage our talent based on your specific needs, which is facilitated by our scalability in experienced recruitment resources. You get value-added services and save costs significantly. Overall efficiency gets improved dramatically. A more consistent recruiting process is ensured centralizing the recruitment function.
Q. What can you expect to get with Glocal RPO?
  • You can get dedicated virtual offshore recruiters, sourcers, business development managers, and job search agents who take complete responsibility and accountability to undertake any projects assigned in tandem with your onsite team. They work as per your country time zone.
Q. How is Glocal RPO different from other staffing agencies or search firms?
  • Glocal RPO is not a search firm or a staffing agency charging fees per recruiting position. Hiring services from Glocal RPO is alike to expanding your onsite team for IT, permanent/contract, and VMS recruitment. Glocal RPO professionals act as virtual offshore recruiters, sourcers, business development managers, and job search agents. However, as opposed to normal virtual employees, they are managed by our staff of experienced professionals and regularly trained to improve productivity and efficiency, ensuring that you spend minimum time supervising or monitoring them.
  • Hiring Glocal RPO services, you get the added advantage of getting them onboard with the required infrastructure such as office space, work stations, hardware, software, internet connectivity, applicant tracking system, job boards subscription, phone, and more conveniences.
Q. Advantage of taking on dedicated recruiters from Glocal RPO?
  • Glocal RPO recruiters work in your time zone
  • A short time follow-up period for virtual offshore Glocal RPO recruiters to understand your larger organizational goals and integrate operating procedures
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure with 100 percent 24 x 7 power back up for continuous operation
  • High-speed round the clock internet connectivity
  • Dedicated international phone call lines with area codes
  • A dedicated manager for streamlining of operations
Q. Like our Glocal RPO ‘dedicated recruiters’ concept? How do I take it further?
  • We are just a call or click away. Contact us and send us the details. We shall get in touch with you at the earliest within 24 hrs. As a market leader, we have packages to cut your expenses at the same time help you stay productive. We have maintained a competitive edge in expanding our partners' recruitment team at lower cost.
Q. Who does the outsourcing in the industry?
  • As per a survey, over 90 percent of hiring managers outsource a part or the entire recruiting function. This applies to mid size and bigger organizations. Outsourcing helps them to focus their resources on other productive activities such as business development, etc. Smaller companies gain a competitive advantage outsourcing recruiting functions. Utilizing virtual offshore recruiters, they can grow, expand their business, and enjoy other benefits.
Q. What are business specifics of Glocal RPO?
  • Glocal RPO has more than half a decade of presence in the offshore recruitment process outsourcing industry, helping staffing organizations in the USA source and recruit talent from the USA for companies in USA. We have also partnered with recruitment agencies based in the UK, UAE, and Australia. Our key domain is IT of various segments. IT, contract staffing, permanent staffing, VMS – we cover all. We have partnered with many staffing organizations primarily based in US. Our virtual offshore team encompasses a strong management including seasoned and experienced sourcers, business development managers, recruiters, and job search agents.
Q. Where are Glocal RPO offices located?
  • A state-of-the-art infrastructure identifies all Glocal RPO centres. We are headquartered at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi, India. Our centres are equipped with advanced computing work stations, high speed internet connectivity, international direct dial facility, 100 percent power backup, dedicated training infrastructure, secure work area, 24 X 7 security, and more.
Q. Can I visit your centre in India?
  • Yes, you can visit our centre anytime. Here is our headquarters:
    Head Field Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
    M-9, Lajpat Nagar II
    New Delhi – 110024
Q. Are the sourcers, business development managers, recruiters, and job search agents, employees of Glocal RPO?
  • Our team of virtual offshore sourcers, business development managers, recruiters, and job search agents are backed by several years of experience. They stay in sync with the industry trends and fully exploit their capabilities to deliver their best. All personnel undergo rigorous training until they gain the expertise. Each staff holds professional degrees from recognized universities
Q. How do I ensure that the best professionals available are offered to me?
  • We have a team of highly skilled and qualified sourcers, business development managers, recruiters, and job search agents. They are proficient in the major international languages including US English, UK English, and more. You can interview and shortlist, thereby finalizing the right virtual offshore recruitment resource who will work in tandem with your onsite team. You can choose yourself the most suitable and easy-to-work-with recruitment resource for your job.
Q. How many hours do a dedicated Glocal RPO recruitment process outsourcing expert work?
  • Our dedicated recruitment process outsourcing experts work 8 hours a day on all working days (from Monday to Friday - 40 hours a week)
Q. How do I stay in touch with my dedicated Glocal RPO virtual offshore recruitment process outsourcing experts?
  • We, Glocal RPO, provide them a state-of-the-art office infrastructure with latest technology facilities and sophisticated communication devices. Complete conveniences are offered so that work goes smooth. You can stay in touch over the phone, online, and other communicating modes. A protected working environment is facilitated by firewall, password and encryption protection.
Q. Will you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
  • At Glocal RPO, we are committed to protect your privacy. We do sign a non-disclosure agreement when you sign a contract with us
Q. Do I pay for sick leave, vacations, and holidays for my dedicated Glocal RPO professional?
  • We incorporate a total of 20 days leave per year in every contract. The break-up is as follows:
    • Festive Holidays
    • Indian – 3 per year, namely – Holi, Diwali & 31st December
    • US – 5 per year, namely – New Year (1st January), Independence Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday & Friday) & Christmas.
    • Paid Leaves
    • Every Dedicated Resource is entitled to a maximum of 6 paid leaves for every 6 months of work performed. If not availed, these leaves will not be carried over. However, the Dedicated Resource does not qualify for any paid leaves for the first 2 months of the contract.
Q. What should I do if problems with my virtual offshore recruiter crop up?
  • In case if any problem crops us, you are requested to contact the manager of Glocal RPO. You can change your recruiter if necessary and recruit another candidate.
Q. Can I resell your services?
  • Yes, you can. For detailed information related to the same, you may contact us.
Q. How do we pay for your services?
  • We accept payments through Bank Wire Transfers or PAYPAL or credit cards.
Q. Do I need to pay any start up or maintenance costs or taxes?
  • No start up or maintenance costs are charged. No taxes are levied. We do not charge any hidden or extra costs. What you pay is only a monthly fee as per the contract signed between us.
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