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Employer Branding is crucial to successful talent acquisition/ hiring best talent

Employer Branding is crucial to successful talent acquisition/ hiring best talent


Every company has a presence of its own which we can term as its ‘brand voice’. It is that one thing that makes you stand out in the crowd highlighting your uniqueness. When this ‘voice’ is efficiently promoted to prospective candidates, we call it Employer Branding.

What it means in recruiting?

More than anywhere else, employer branding is crucial in talent acquisition. An expert in the field says that employer branding is the scent of a company, distinct to itself. Most often than not employers turn to recruitment process outsourcing companies to create a formidable branding for them. It is very important for RPOs to package your company’s values, character, best practices and expertise through employer branding, to attract talents to choose you over your competition. While RPO recruitment is streamlining top talents for you, it is your employer branding that may become the deciding factor.

Reputation matters to the candidates:

If you always thought that higher salary is all that matters while hiring, think again. More than 70% of the recruitment process outsourcing companies agree that employer brand matters the most. In the present era, top talents are ready to work for lesser salary if company values match with their aspirations.

It brings your marketing cost down:

The best way to reduce your recruitment advertising cost, as much as 40%, is to have a strong employer brand. Candidates more often than not turn to your brand voice to assess who you are. Your employer brand is a great advertising tool in itself enticing top talents to get associated with you.

Bids you better against your competition:

The positive reviews you have online along with your employer branding can propel you over and above your competitors. When there are several companies offering the same kind of job, candidates’ attention can be grabbed through your policies and work culture.

Attracts the right talent:

RPO is now a vibrant market and fast growing market and there is always competition to bag the right talent. Companies who ignore employer branding often end up paying more to acquire the right talent. The flip side of it is that when you design a substantial brand voice, top talents will come looking for you.

Reduces recruitment time:

The time taken to fill a vacancy is very crucial for RPO recruitment. If they become complacent, good talents may just slip out their hands. Employer branding may help reduce this recruitment duration saving time and money for employers. You as a company would not want to keep a top position vacant for long, do you?

A good word about you:

With technology connecting candidates so easily and quickly, they often talk about the reputation of a company. Where people discuss a good company, they discuss more a bad company. With a weak employer branding, you may fail to create a good impression on candidates and it may act against you. Good impression spreads a good word about you, making you more desirable to the potential candidates.

Employer branding is your company’s reputation or digital persona. Taking your brand image seriously will yield you both short-term and long-term results. Collaborate with a good RPO to rise above your competition.




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