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Leadership presence over half a decade makes Glocal RPO a namesynonymous with recruitment process outsourcing. We are partners to numerous staffing organizations in the USA, UAE, UK, and Australia, helping them establish their successful offshore recruitment team in India. Using the RPO model, organizations save time and cost significantly and get results right from the day the contract is signed. .

At Glocal RPO, our recruitment process outsourcing practices have helped recruiters in India successfully fit into the offshore international recruitment model. We have trained virtual offshore sourcers, job search agents, business development managers, lead generation experts, and recruiters who have productively teamed up with the onsite teams of our partner organizations to deliver consistent results.

For an RPO task to be productive, combination of a well-trained resource and a good process is of utmost importance. Glocal RPO is cognizant of this fact and implements time-tested processes and trains resources. With knowledge and experience gained over the years, we are continuously training resources for various offshore outsourced recruitment process roles. They are trained to successfully blend in with the onsite team of our partners.

recruitment process outsourcing pricing

Optimize your recruitment with a training paradigm that continuously sharpens your extended hiring team.

recruitment process outsourcing pricing

The Training Element

  • Train resources in India to get employed with international recruitment agencies
  • Create top of the line professionals who stay productive at every step
  • Offer resources, training courses in areas of their interest
  • Different training programs – not restricted to any one group of professionals
  • Conduct training sessions for companies, training their fresh hires
  • Conduct sessions for existing staff of companies for effective performance
  • Organize corporate training and personality development seminars
  • Training sessions virtual as well as in-class depending upon attendees' location
  • Lay emphasis on optimal performance, consistent improvement, and improvisation
  • Imbibe the correct professional attitude in every resource during training
  • Help resources understand the psyche of candidates and hiring managers and perform accordingly.

Our training module helps trained professionals get only the best candidates. They are trained to present selected candidates in a way that impresses the hiring manager.

Optimizing recruitment and persistently finding better and more effective methods to help our partnership with staffing organizations bear fruitful results is a norm at Glocal RPO. Our training endeavour is directed towards helping organizations and professionals succeed in their recruitment efforts.

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