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Meet Your Client's Exact Permanent Staffing Requirements.

Leverage Glocal ORPO's one-stop solution window and intuitive strategies to fulfil permanent staffing mandates.

Retaining staff is the cornerstone of a successful company. Companies that are successful in doing so attract tags such as 'One of the most respected companies' in the industry and a 'Great place to work', and so on. Not surprisingly, permanent staffing is gaining great momentum in the human resource policy of every company. In a competitive scenario, an organization's ability to maintain a competitive edge, survive and succeed in the long run, depends on its dedicated, committed, and excellent permanent staff.

Glocal ORPO's dedicated virtual offshore permanent staffing recruiters cultivate strategies to meet the exact permanent staffing requirements of our partners' clients. Database selection, referral search, executive search, and turnkey recruitment service are part of our strategies.

Meet your client's exact permanent staffing requirements

Handle every complexity of permanent hiring with efficient search and outstanding results.

Parmanent Staffing Recruiters

A systematic approach that leads to the right permanent talent without fail.

At Glocal ORPO, we implement a systematic process, taking into consideration the aforementioned aspect, to fulfil permanent staffing requirements. Our virtual offshore recruiters team up with our partners’ onsite team to help them provide permanent recruitment services to their clients following a one-stop approach.

Our scope encompasses:

  • Searching databases
  • Screening resumes
  • Conducting interviews in detail
  • Verifying references
  • Negotiating salaries

Our virtual offshore team implements more processes in tandem with your onsite team till we find the right talent. Glocal's ORPO team takes complete responsibility and accountability of the process, helping you overcome the hassles involved in recruiting the right permanent talent pool. And focus more on realizing your business goals.

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