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Trends that hospitality recruitment agencies are embracing!

Trends that hospitality recruitment agencies are embracing!


Growth and challenges are the two faces of the same coin in the hospitality industry. Those who dare to evolve and innovate will conquer over their challenges. Increasing competition and consumer demands always keep the business owners on their toes. The hospitality recruitment agencies too have to keep up with trends if they desire to attract and hire top talents. 2018 is going proving to be another promising year for the industry and here are the recruitment trends you need to embrace as a recruiter.

Decentralised social hiring:

Social platforms have grown from being entertainment and interaction platforms to being talent pools. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and so on are the ‘go to’ channels for talent sourcing and screening. Experienced recruitment process outsourcing services providers like Glocal RPO are decentralizing their social media recruiting campaigns and targeting the talents based on location. The chain of hotels and franchises are preferring to have their own social presence to connect with the customers and to attract candidates for job vacancies.

Hiring is aided by data and analytics:

For the past couple of years, hospitality industry like most recruitment markets has started to rely on data and analytics. Going forward, expert analysts will regularly assist recruiters in estimating metrics such as the time to find the right talent, cost of hire, turnaround time for offer acceptance etc for every profile. This will help hospitality owners to plan ahead of time and save both time and money while hiring talents.

Partnering with RPOs:

Hospitality HR teams are collaborating with hospitality recruitment agencies for not only filling managerial positions but all profiles across the industry. Partnering with RPOs has manifold benefits including access to a ready-made talent pool, expert recruitment process outsourcing services, shorter turnover period and some valuable time saved which can be utilized for operational improvements in business.

Hospitality recruitment agencies intertwine technology and innovative recruiting skills which is why they are able to hire the best talents for their clients.




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