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Hospitality recruitment agencies’ formula for finding the right candidates

Hospitality recruitment agencies’ formula for finding the right candidates


Recruitment industry around the world is facing a shortage of staffing. As much as this is a challenge, it is also an opportunity to recruit new graduates with a more innovative screening process. Here’s what hospitality recruitment agencies should look for while they are vetting young men and women for various job profiles.

1.How prepared are they?

When candidates come to attend an interview, their preparedness shows their seriousness. Their resume, their knowledge about the industry in general, the company they are applying for in particular and their understanding of the job requirement has to be tested by the recruiter to measure how diligent they are about their work.

2.Presentable personality:

Hospitality is an industry where a presentable personality weighs as high as skills. Candidates stepping out of culinary schools should know how to dress well, be presentable, display a pleasant personality and yet not look cocky. Recruiters should test their emotional skills as well as to determine how hospitable they are.

3.Shadow testing:

Mere questionnaires cannot help hospitality recruitment agencies completely assimilate the skills of a candidate. Testing them with real-life situations and shadow tests is the best ways to judge both their skills as well as the emotional maturity to handle tough situations. If someone displays great attitude and work ethics, onboard them and develop their skills.

4.Do they have a purpose?

RPOs need to assess if the candidate has a concrete idea of what he wants to do and where he wants to reach. Only those who are driven by purpose and passion will go a long way. Hospitality recruitment agencies should look beyond a candidate’s hospitality degree. Leading RPOs like GlocalRPO will try to understand how realistic, specific and determined candidates are about their career goals. Only those who have the passion will withstand the hardships of the hospitality industry.

Behavioral-based interviews that test emotional skills, passion and purpose will help hospitality recruitment agencies hire the best college graduates for their clients.






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