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Logistics & Transportation Staffing & Recruitment: Find The Right People

Drive efficiencies and steer outcomes for your clients with Glocal RPO’s domain-specific recruiting expertise in transport and logistics.

Deadlines, unpredictability and stringent benchmarks are the standout urgencies of the transportation sector – be it on land, air or sea. Stakeholders in the sector – be it passengers travelling, manufacturers shipping products or vendors expecting goods from their supply chains – insist that schedules are maintained without fail.

Logistics companies, on the other hand, have to grapple with factors like energy costs, regulatory oversights and logistical complexities that often eat into efficiency.

Both the industries belong to a changing and demanding landscape that requires technical expertise of the highest calibre, one that is able to not just respond to contingencies on a daily basis, but deliver real outcomes over the long-term.

Glocal RPO’s talented and dedicated teams have the domain insight and experience to help transporters meet their talent goals – comprising, amongst other things, ever-tighter arrival-departure-delivery schedules and also meet their season specific needs. We can also help them ramp their consultant levels quickly thereby reducing expenses.

For the clients of our RPO partners who are in the logistics space, we can help drive down costs while pushing up performance up with talent that matches the role and mandate accurately.

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