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Sourcer Recruiter - Simplify Your Hiring Process

Access handpicked talent that match your requirement precisely with Glocal RPO's virtual offshore sourcers.

Acquiring talent and managing it requires utmost dedication and process optimization. One of the most important elements of this process is resume sourcing. This comprises identification of the right keywords, construction of the perfect search string and effective assessment of the resume. This task needs to be performed meticulously for the later steps to succeed.

Staffing organizations struggle to balance the quantity of requirements they need to serve per day with the quality of resumes they submit each day. For submitting quality resumes, sourcing and selection of the right resumes matter, which involves technical screening the candidate, resume writing, follow ups and related tasks. Resume sourcing is indeed the most time consuming process, made easy and fast with Glocal RPO.

As a recruitment process outsourcing firm, we have partnered with many staffing organizations based in the USA, UAE, UK, and Australia and helped them source the best resumes that fit the requirements of their clients exactly.

Our dedicated virtual offshore dedicated sourcers let your recruiters have access to only the best resumes out of the whole lot. This eases the following processes such as establishing contact with the fit candidates, doing a personal screen, salary negotiations and all tasks thereafter. Time is thus better utilized on more productive tasks.

If you hire a sourcer who works from home, you lose all monitoring privileges. Having on-site sourcers, on the other hand, increases costs drastically. But hiring virtual offshore sourcers from Glocal RPO will make all the difference. They are well equipped and trained in the process of sourcing. Their experience and familiarity with current trends combined with in-house training ensures that they understand the requirement correctly, and work accordingly. You can always expect results right from the day you sign a partnership contract with us. Your recruiters can thus save time on the sourcing effort and focus on other major responsibilities.


Turn recruitment’s most time consuming process into a quick and easy one.


What do Glocal RPO's virtual offshore sourcers do?

  • Understand the exact requirement
  • Identify the right keywords
  • Construct proper search strings
  • Search through various databases
  • Search through Glocal RPO's huge database built up over the last decade and half
  • Work in your own time zone along with your on-site recruiter
  • Effectively assess resumes
  • Have resumes ready and delivered at the start of your day

Hire virtual offshore sourcers from Glocal RPO to accentuate your business practices. Let Glocal RPO's extended team to add value to your business.

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