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Hospitality recruitment agencies’ formula for finding the right candidates

  Recruitment industry around the world is facing a shortage of staffing. As much as this is a challenge, it is also an opportunity to recruit new graduates with a more innovative screening process. Here’s what hospitality recruitment agencies should look for while they are vetting young men and women for various job profiles. 1.How […]

Trends that hospitality recruitment agencies are embracing!

  Growth and challenges are the two faces of the same coin in the hospitality industry. Those who dare to evolve and innovate will conquer over their challenges. Increasing competition and consumer demands always keep the business owners on their toes. The hospitality recruitment agencies too have to keep up with trends if they desire […]

7 top traits of successful staffing companies in US

  Businesses are as good as their employees! An organization with a high potential may cease to grow if the right staff and the right management are not in place. On the other hand, committed and passionate staff can propel an average company to perform exceptionally. As a business owner or a decision maker, do […]

Trends Shaping Recruitment in 2018

  The recruitment process is on the verge of some major changes. As businesses become more demanding, acquiring skilled candidates has become an exhausting process. Most of this endless toil goes waste because of the time and effort it requires. To ease this crisis, some major trends are reshaping hiring as we know and could […]

AI for recruiting could be a promising trend in 2018

  If we were to quiz recruiters from around the world to name one milestone technology that has created ripples in the recent years, the one name that would surface is AI. In fact, a recent survey says that about 67% of the recruiting professionals think that AI will help humans in this field. AI […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your Recruitment

  Get top talent and gain more efficiency while you outsource your recruitment.  “Sourcing and finding people is the most important. You can’t recruit, message, or network with someone you haven’t found.”- Glen Cathey, SVP Talent, Strategy and Innovation, K force. The above mentioned quote not only rings the correct bells but also reiterates the […]

Talent Mining and why it is More Important than Ever

A quality talent mining process is critical to any company’s success. Talent mining is a simple adaption of data mining which essentially means sorting through large data and picking out relevant information. It can be defined as the science of choosing through a large number of talent related data usually found in resume databases. Let’s […]

Donald Trump’s Tax-Cut will lead to job creation or economic growth?

Will the ‘Rocket Fuel’ pitted as Donald Trump’s Tax Cut lead to job creation or economic growth? The buzz in New York is the much-hyped tax-reform proposed by Donald Trump will benefit the already wealthy more than any other group. A majority of Americans, however, believe the tax cut sold as ‘rocket-fuel’ will be any […]

How Important Are Recruitment Reference Checks ?

Decoding the myths surrounding recruitment reference checks In the last decade or so the entire process of recruitment reference checks has not only became an integral part of HR department and various recruitment agencies but also the mainstream media in a big way. Who can forget the much talked about Yahoo scandal that raised eyeballs […]

Retaining those Restless Millennials

Retaining those Restless Millennials Considering millennials as the largest generation in the American workforce, its necessary to find ways to nail the corporate culture since today’s corporate teams are mostly made up of millennials. And yes, this isn’t the first time we are writing about millennials and certainly not the last time. This is one […]

The Unconscious Bias

The recruiting space has no place for Biasness, so how can we mitigate it? The deeply routed attributes of recruiting space human tendency have led many academicians to question the inherited diversity training. Published reports suggest that unless carefully monitored data-driven recruitment conclusions have the potential to learn our prejudices. Why talk about biases? The […]

Adoption Of Blended Workforce Models

Contract Staff and Direct Hire Mix: Workforce Models A combination of a variety of employees on different contracts is referred to as blended workforce models thus encouraging diversity and inclusivity. A blended workforce environment also provides privileges in case the business environment sours. For a secured future talent management system, it is imperative for organizations to […]

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