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AI for recruiting could be a promising trend in 2018

AI for recruiting could be a promising trend in 2018


If we were to quiz recruiters from around the world to name one milestone technology that has created ripples in the recent years, the one name that would surface is AI. In fact, a recent survey says that about 67% of the recruiting professionals think that AI will help humans in this field.

AI or automation is still in its beginning stage when it comes to RPO recruitment. It has a long way to go before it can take some major decisions on its own. But even at this stage, recruiters are putting machine learning to work so that the end result is more satisfactory and comprehensive. Here’s where AI is presently assisting in recruitment.

AI can handle repetitive tasks: Even the best RPO companies will agree that if someone could take care of repetitive tasks, people in the organization can concentrate more on building quality and relationship. AI can help reshape talent acquisition by scheduling interviews, follow-up actions, and relation building actions based on a template, performing logistical tasks and so on. These can take up anywhere from 20-60% of a recruiter’s time. Eliminating such low-value tasks will help RPO companies to work smarter.

Candidate engagement: An RPO always desired to maintain a good relationship with candidates and thus nurturing them is vital. If a person requires some information or updates during non-working hours, all you need to do it get a smart chatbot in place. It can enhance candidate engagement by providing a swift, accurate and timely response, be it any time of the day. Such highly responsive chatbots will help win candidate trust, impress them and acknowledge their value. Candidates rate ‘communications’ as one of the fundamental features of good recruiters and thanks to AI, you have it covered.

Trust AI for accuracy: No matter how smart and diligent humans are, for some reason or the other there is always room for error. That is not the case with AI and that’s an advantage. Errors will lead to complications and eventually, some good candidates may slip off your hands just because you wasted a lot of time. On the other hand, when AI is put in charge of repetitive work, you can be sure that those will be done on time without a glitch. Right candidates will be at the right place, most appropriate talents will surface based on the set criteria and so on. AI is unemotional and highly objective, thus ensuring accuracy and consistency.

AI is economical: RPO companies spend a good deal of money employing people to do those low-value tasks. Instead, when AI-guided tools, software or system is put to work, humans can be employed to create value-add for the company. As much as 57% of the recruiters according to a survey say AI is preferred because of its attractive pricing. It is far more pocket-friendly to have a chatbot respond to the candidates than making your employees work over time.

The future of RPO recruitment is definitely intertwined with the future of AI. The market is fairly divided on whether AI can become the ultimate assistant for human recruiters or it will eventually replace them. The answer to this lies in the future!




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