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Talent Mining and why it is More Important than Ever

Talent Mining and why it is More Important than Ever

A quality talent mining process is critical to any company’s success.

Talent mining is a simple adaption of data mining which essentially means sorting through large data and picking out relevant information. It can be defined as the science of choosing through a large number of talent related data usually found in resume databases.

Let’s first understand the concept of talent mining:

Human resource industry largely believes sourcing talent through databases, social sites and the internet is relatively easy and according to the recent trends it can be automated through technology. True to some extent as today we have more human data than we ever had in the rec recruitment domain, however, it is easy said than done as automation has several limitations and often falls short of replicating the capabilities of an expert recruiter or sourcer. Some of the best talents never get found even when they do exist.

Getting the right talent on board is one of the most important things an HR manager can do. The task is to find them and make sure you keep them. An organization-wide approach to talent mining and management is now more important than ever and is lambing up for a change in fortunes. Talent mining requires professionals who have expertise in this field as it involves understanding and analyzing the people correctly. In the market where talent is hard to find traditional methodologies and strategies are unable to solve the recurring problem of global workforce crisis. In the light of such a scenario, talent mining becomes all the more important.
While anyone can automate basic searches and find some talent but largely it returns a very small percentage of available resources thus in-time delivery of on-demand talent remains a problem to be fixed. The limitations of automation technology have made it impossible to offer high-quality talent at a scale.
Attracting, retaining and developing talent is a multi-faceted, complex process and Glocal ORPO has mastered this art with intuitive, scalable and cutting edge process that delivers better quality talent with a degree of accuracy, every time.
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