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Trends Shaping Recruitment in 2018

Trends Shaping Recruitment in 2018


The recruitment process is on the verge of some major changes. As businesses become more demanding, acquiring skilled candidates has become an exhausting process. Most of this endless toil goes waste because of the time and effort it requires. To ease this crisis, some major trends are reshaping hiring as we know and could become the building blocks for the future of recruitment.

Most of the trends that we have thus far witnessed in 2018 emphasize 2 major elements. Hiring is becoming more and more candidate-centered and technology aided. In the present job market, talent is picking the companies they want to work with and not the other way around. On the other hand, RPO is working more strategically with the help of technology. Let us take a look at some major trends that are expected to shape the future of RPO.

Diversity taking center stage:

Building a diverse team has become so important that about 78% of the companies consider it vital to improve work culture. Recruitment process outsourcing companies like GlocalRPO are shortlisting talents not just on the basis of skills but holistically as well they are contributing to the growth of the organization. Gender balance is also is becoming more important. About 62% of the companies believe that diversity can boost their profit. Diversity is not just hiring a whole variety of talents but creating an environment where they all feel they belong. Its way essential to the growth, prosperity and financial performance of your company.

Revamp interview process:

No doubt traditional interview tools and techniques have been doing a good job, but their drawbacks are becoming more prominent. Thus, more than 60% of the recruiters are of the opinion that we need to revamp the way we select a candidate for a job. In the US IT recruiting process and globally, interview processes should go beyond required skills and assess a candidate’s soft skills, his weaknesses and test him with a job audition. Companies are considering virtual reality and casual meetings to have an unbiased assessment.

Recruiting driven by data

Data analytics is revolutionizing every single field and RPO is no different. As hiring becomes more and more data-driven, the success rate increases. Although the idea of data analysis is not new to recruiting. In the past year or so, the amount of data available has been enormous both in quantity and variety. In a nutshell, data driven recruiting has the ability to transform the human resources industry. With the help of cloud based computing solutions and more advanced software, data can be analyzed much faster and deeply, the talent pool can be analyzed more efficiently and and outcomes can be more accurately predicted.

AI making inroads:

Artificial Intelligence seems to be the buzz word everywhere. AI is already gaining grounds in recruiting and about 35% of the recruiters think it will enhance the industry greatly. Recruitment process outsourcing companies can automate candidate screening process and matching candidates with the right job vacancies. Chatbots can be deployed to respond to candidate queries. On the flip side, AI has its own limitations when it comes to recruiting. But as machines learn more and more, they can surely make a difference in hiring.

All these trends hint upon recruitment process outsourcing services becoming a smart work rather than a hard work. RPO like GlocalRPO is realizing the trends quickly and adapting them into their system to help the organizations achieve their recruitment goals.





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