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Retaining those Restless Millennials

Retaining those Restless Millennials

Retaining those Restless Millennials

Considering millennials as the largest generation in the American workforce, its necessary to find ways to nail the corporate culture since today’s corporate teams are mostly made up of millennials. And yes, this isn’t the first time we are writing about millennials and certainly not the last time. This is one bone of contention that most of our clients engage us on how to retain and manage millennials.

So what can a company do to encourage millennials to cling on? The millenary wants a strong culture where a company’s values and visions are clearly demonstrated and the work environment is fun. We have cumulated a list of To-Do’s to make your company’s culture a good fit with the millennials, and a lot of the fixes are easy and practical:

Ways to Nail Corporate Culture

1.Give them purposeful work that ties to a larger goal:

Engaging in meaningful work is the foremost priority of millennials. JD is what entices the workforce so it’s important to take a hard look at the job description, process-oriented work is most likely to gain attention for a long time.  Money isn’t the only thing driving force rather the work has to be meaningful. It is imperative for organizations to make sure to tie their job into the big picture and help the company fulfill its goals.

2.Guidance and Opportunities for Career Development:

Millennials prefer bosses or managers who can coach them, guide them and at the same time give them trust and freedom to work on their own. This requires clear and disciplined communication, a mix of educational and motivational steps and apt mentorship. Robust skills set system allowing employees to get certified and attain a pay hike accordingly.


Another way to retain millennials is promoting socialization. There is a payoff here for the company too as this helps managers learn more about the employees’ and get acquaintance with new ideas and tech knowledge and gain a new perspective.

4.Work Flexibility & Supplying the right Benefits:

Advance a culture that promotes work-life balance (the norm these days) as the young generation respond positively to work flexibility. Thanks to the gig economy, the conventional 9-5 work is no longer the norm. It also encourages creativity and innovation.

To sum up, have an open door policy (sounds cliché but hardly practiced) which gives employees a sense of inclusiveness. Also, organizations need to look beyond the ‘millennial’ reputation as job hoppers and focus more on their potential.

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