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The Unconscious Bias

The Unconscious Bias

The recruiting space has no place for Biasness, so how can we mitigate it?

The deeply routed attributes of recruiting space human tendency have led many academicians to question the inherited diversity training. Published reports suggest that unless carefully monitored data-driven recruitment conclusions have the potential to learn our prejudices.

Why talk about biases?

The conscious effort to mitigate this biasness has several underlying benefits which ensure a better overall result. While it does create an environment where each can share/discuss his/her ideas freely, its main advantage is that it helps you create a more multi-culture, diverse and inclusive company.

What defines the unconscious bias?

So, after using the term quite a few times, the question arises what categorizes biasness? Unconscious bias is the brain’s penchant to rely on observed patterns such as cultural stereotypes and ethnic exclusions.

So how can you change something, you have no control what so ever?

For starters, it is important to realize the implications of such attributes. The mindset of not just the HR but also the senior management must acknowledge the fact that unconscious bias does exist and if persisted with the company may miss out on the best pool of talent.

How it can impact hiring!

  • Resume Revision

You might have preconceived notions interpreting the information on a resume you are reviewing. The best possible way to avoid this is by clearly defying the attributes you are expecting in your candidate. Decide the priorities, the final points you are looking for: experience, education, soft skills etc. and stick to that.

  • Interview Stage

Confirmation bias is the most common form in the interview stage which is the tendency to pay attention to or seek out information that confirms a belief. Another would be Similar to Me bias which as the name suggests is people’s tendency to like the people similar to them.

The best ways to counter such bias is to appoint a structured hiring process where the team spends time reflecting criteria, planning questions and creating a procedure for review of the answers in advance.

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