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The Difference between Sourcing and Recruiting

The Difference between Sourcing and Recruiting

Are recruiting and sourcing | Recruiter same thing?

What’s the difference and why it Matters?

Here are some facts!

With social media making continuous advancements in acquiring new talents, there is a lot of ambiguity in regards to ‘recruiters’ and ‘sourcers’. Although the role of a sourcer is much like a recruiter, however, sourcing is done as an integral early part of the entire recruitment process.

The Role of the Sourcer

In general terms, a sourcer is a hunter. In fact a sourcer most times overlays the recruiter. He not only creates interest and drives potential candidates to organizations but also acts as a research agent. The real difference is depth, depth of conversion and depth of knowledge about specific roles in companies. Thus sourcers are indispensable to the recruiting process.

The Role of the Recruiter

The main area of a recruiter does not include fiercely searching for candidates. It revolves around consulting internally with hiring managers, leading interviews, managing offers, job descriptions, and onboarding new hires. A recruiter thus manages relationships, mentor the candidates and the human resource managers with screening, selection and hiring process.

Collaboration is the key

In today’s tug of the talent war, it is imperative for recruiters and sourcers to work in tandem to hire and retain top talent for any organization. A strong association between the two ensures a company’s healthy talent pipeline.

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