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Why your talent is leaving?

Why your talent is leaving?

With the World economy picking up momentum and falling unemployment rate, the talent war is only going to get tougher. In rapidly evolving economies while it is imperative to raise the bar for hiring talents, it is also significant to shape candidate perceptions and impelling sentiment. As job fluidity continues to narrow occupancy, employee retention is becoming ardently an important factor in determining which company shines and which enterprise struggles to maintain plentiful talent levels.

As per a recently published report, 59% of companies are looking to invest more in their employer brand than in the year 2016. Today it’s a thrust of global talent strategy. Adopting a holistic approach to the entire candidate lifecycle is critical to any company’s success.

If you are one of those company invariably filling vacant positions left by your employees, it’s time to figure out why so many people are constantly leaving. Need help in retaining top talents? Here are five perks your employees are looking for which is the key in retaining major team members:

  1. Employee Advancement Potential – Every employee wants a company that is willing to open new doors of opportunity. Enabling employee’s advancement signifies commitment.
  2. Flexible Working Arrangements – Nine to five jobs are a thing of the past. The millennials want to work for an organization that offers flexibility. This has today become a ‘must have’ for new age companies.
  3. Invest in Growth and Development – Every individual desire to have their leader’s assurance of the advancement of their skill sets to stay ahead of the curve. It is vital their growth and development remain on track.
  4. Valued and Respected – An open door policy allowing employees to share their feedbacks without running the risk of being judged and wrongly perceived. Unconscious bias is counterproductive for any organization.
  5. Benefit Packages – A comprehensive employee benefits package, including healthcare, retirement savings and more works well in influencing best talents across sectors.

An honest investment that emulates a long-term commitment in an employee’s future is the best way to retain top talents.

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