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6 Hacks For Improving Your Recruiting Cold Calls

6 Hacks For Improving Your Recruiting Cold Calls

Effective Cold Calling Strategies

In the digital age of social and virtual recruiting, cold calling strategies still hold a relevant place. Even today while screening candidates an obvious approach is a phone call. Yielding immediate results cold calling is an easy way to sustainability. For a successful business, employee recruitment is of utmost importance and is one of the driving factors.

We have penned down some of the best practices for recruiting cold calls to candidates to impress job seekers and attract best talents:

  1. Always sell your company –

One of the most effective ways of recruiting cold calls is to describe the company and the job in the best way to the candidate. It’s imperative to exhibit why the company is such a good place to work and why top talent should choose them over other organizations.

  1. Discover what motivates candidates –

Reviewing the career objectives of a candidate’s CV is an easy way of accessing what drives the candidate in terms of professional growth. Demography, geography and psychographics data is the key to uncover their interests and motivators.

  1. Engagement with the candidate –

A caller should NEVER come across as mundane or boring. In such cases, the candidate to comes across as disinterested and uninspired. Regardless of the number of calls per day, a recruiter should never miss out on an engagement with the candidate at any point of the day.

  1. Follow up on cold calls –

Adding a personal touch of follow-up calls will make the candidate walk away with a positive impression even if they don’t get the position. One of the biggest bone of contention of job seekers is that they never hear back from the recruiter after the first point of contact. It’s worth all the time to recruit the best talents.

  1. Understand their skills, dug into them for information –

Make sure you are aware of the basic skill set required to fill up a position and they are relevant to the candidate’s career goals. No point wasting time on a candidate whose profile has no value to the position you are attempting to fill.

      6. Call recording for recruiter training –

An excellent resource for training recruiters from a business point of view and molding strategies accordingly. The right tone, important cues, candidate insights can be learned from these recordings.

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