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Keys to build a business case for RPO

Keys to build a business case for RPO

While thinking about hiring an RPO firm, you have a wish list of all valuable things an RPO firm can bring with it like more consistent process, better candidates, best tools, improved candidate experience etc.  In order to attain all these one needs to build a business case for RPO.

This article will help you determine the keys that will help you prove a business case that validates engaging an RPO provider.

1) Understand and frame a business-critical problem

It is very important to figure out that the Problem RPO needs to solve is the one that is causing you to lose money or keeping you from making it. RPO for any firm is a must-have. One needs to understand and frame the problem in order to find stepwise solutions to the same. A problem which is scary, urgent and has some risk involved is the one that would need RPO and not otherwise.

Some of the issues you need to build your business case on are:
i) Attrition.
ii) Cost-impacting issues like Gaps in recruitment process quality and its efficiency.
iii) How well are customers being served?

2) Match the benefits and problem of RPO

In order to get your problem solved you need to connect the dots to confirm what is it that RPO can bring while comparing returns against liability.

RPO brings improved sourcing, attraction strategies, experts, scalability and wisdom along with it. One must check if all this needs to be done by contracted workers or can be matched internally.

RPO needs to bridge a gap which can’t be done otherwise with the same efficiency and at the same cost. If RPO is able to solve a revenue-focused business problem in a way you can’t solve it for yourself or you should not be solved for yourself, RPO is right for you.

3) Predict and model measurable results

You must be able to predict and model necessary issues in your business case. One needs to find out how the given outcomes will be measured. RPO broadens your options for finding solutions to the problems and managing them further.

A business case is not an opinion but an ability to prove that your strategy is going to yield measurable cost savings or increased revenue.




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