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How Glocal RPO agency uses email communication to tap candidates

How Glocal RPO agency uses email communication to tap candidates

Whether you are among hospitality recruitment companies, offshore recruiting firms or technical recruitment companies, email communication with candidates is an essential tool in your recruiting process. When done appropriately, it reinforces a company’s employment brand and gets candidates excited at the prospect of working for the organization.

Here are some candidate email best practices that we, at Glocal RPO agency, swear by to make our recruitment process more effective.

Powerful Subject Line- We all know that grabbing the candidates attention and getting him/her to read the email is one of the most challenging part of email’s. We choose powerful, clickable subject lines to ensure job seekers don’t just see our mail, but open and read it.

Short and Simple Messages- Each email sent to a candidate by us is focused on a single piece of information that needs to be communicated. We keep the emails short. Using bullets makes it easier for the reader to interpret, digest and it is more likely that your message will be clear to the candidate.

Professional Tone-The language of our recruiting team’s email messages set the tone for our organization’s relationship with candidates and has proven to directly affect employer brand. Being professional with potential candidates is, thus, vital. All our mailers avoid overly casual language, acronyms, and slang, so there won’t be any misperception or misunderstanding.

Good communication with candidates is absolutely critical to an efficient hiring function, and that often begins with effective email strategies. At Glocal, correctly utilizing email communication with candidates sets the tone for best in class employment. We are not just another RPO agency or among hospitality recruitment companies. Our recruiting teams lean heavily on email, which makes it an important component of our recruiting process. We strategize and then tap candidates to find the best fit employees. To know more about us and our services, log onto: www.glocalrpo.com




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