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Five Things Glocal RPO’s Remote Recruiters Do To Attract Star Talent

Five Things Glocal RPO’s Remote Recruiters Do To Attract Star Talent

Now “working from home” isn’t as big of a “deal” as before.

But what about “hiring from home”? Remote recruitment is the new name of the game for offshore recruiting companies.

The bigger question is – how do you hire star talent, despite the cut-throat competition, market volatility, and the remotely-working world?

Glocal RPO, one of the top offshore recruiting companies with an in-house, highly qualified team of remote recruiters, shows you how. We have slowly mastered remote recruiting with our time-tested practices and industry-best techniques. Delve deeper:

TIP #1 – Recruit Smart

Leverage your candidate pool and talent acquisition data across all stages of the recruitment process. At Glocal RPO, our remote recruiters use digital software and data analytics solutions to identify and collate talent data into a single dashboard. We use business intelligence to plan and execute the recruitment process end-to-end. Technology helps us attract and onboard top performers virtually.

Our remote recruiters stay ahead of the curve by ushering data-driven approaches into the recruitment process.

TIP #2 – Recruit Fast

Virtual staffing eliminates redundant steps like conducting in-person candidate interviews. Conducting them on the phone or via video — especially in the first round — offers quick and fast-track recruitment opportunities. Also, if top-tier candidates are kept waiting for long, another company can swoop in and make them a job offer. Our remote recruiters hire fast to ensure star candidates are onboarded as soon as possible.

TIP #3 -Be Responsive to Candidate Expectations

Top-level talent has their specific salary and other expectations. Our remote recruiters stay abreast with the market trends and know what competitors are offering. Even when recruiting virtually, we ensure to be responsive to candidate expectations.

TIP #4 – Offer Perks

Executive-level candidates do not just work for salary; they expect perks. When it comes to remote recruitment, our recruiters work with companies to offer unique perks that attract and retain top employees. Some of the perks we can offer remote employees include sign-on bonus, flexible hours, 5-day work weeks, maternity/paternity leaves, etc.

TIP #5 – Be Ready To Train the Right Candidate

Finally — and perhaps most importantly — it is essential to train even top-level candidates as per the company’s policies and work ethics. Doing this virtually is a challenge. But our remote recruiters are adept at talent training and onboarding.

We are experiencing a new era in recruitment. Different skills are required to staff top-tier talent virtually or remotely. Glocal RPO is among the most trusted and leading offshore recruiting companies that can do the job for you. Log onto our website to reach out to us: www.glocalrpo.com




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