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Measuring your quality of recruitment: The key RPO metric

Measuring your quality of recruitment: The key RPO metric

Information Technology Recruiter

It is a fact, as is proven by surveys that higher the quality of hire, enhanced is the organizational performance. As an RPO recruitment company, how many of your hires have emerged as performers? If you have made 100 hires in a month, have all of them been giving their 100 percent and contributing to organizational growth. Count the numbers, keeping track of their performance, and you will know your quality of hire – your success rate in hiring top-notch talents as in Information technology recruiter.

Why will corporate organizations and staffing agencies rely on RPO companies? The answer is simple! Quality hires! And excellent results are always anticipated! Numerous other benefits are associated with a partnership with recruitment outsourcing companies, but again what eventually matters is quality hires. Here lies the pressure for RPO recruitment firms to deliver results. Failing to deliver results would only mean exiting from the scene over time. Hence the need for the industry players to measure their quality of recruitment to sustain and to stay in the competition!

Information technology recruiter

How do you measure your quality of hires? Do you have the essential recruiting metrics covered in your hiring strategy? Flourishing firms keep track of the number of hires over time, since inception. They safely store the hiring data and make it easily accessible as and when the need arises. Over time, they gain feedback from their hiring managers regarding the performance of their hired talents not to mention performance appraisal ratings. They gain information about talent retention. Based on this information, the RPO recruitment experts measure their quality of hires.

Higher performance and enduring retention would only mean maintaining high quality. Higher the count of retained and performing talents, greater is the reputation of the concerned recruitment outsourcing companies.

‘The deeper you dive, the more you explore’ – the maxim appropriately holds ground for RPO companies. It is by diving deep that you can measure your performances, your quality, your strategies, and technology processes you follow in hiring top-notch talents. If your partner staffing agencies bank upon you, for driving their sustained business success, you mutually bank upon them too for your growth and success. Quality is the most important metric irrespective of corporate entities of myriad industry segments relying on staffing agencies and the latter further relying on recruitment outsourcing companies.

IT is the most demanding job segment in the industry today. Hence, the role of Information technology recruiters is challenging. Newer IT developments evolve giving naissance to newer job roles. Quality hire is again the metric here. To maintain quality, today’s successful Information Technology Recruiters define and measure their recruiting metrics via a systematic and reliable collection of data related to their hired talents’ productivity and retention. This lets them differentiate between poorly and excellently performing talents over time. This further lets them delve on their strengths and weaknesses. They devise strategies accordingly so that only performers are recruited and retained so that quality talents are hired consistently. The measuring applies not only to Information technology recruiter but also hiring experts of other industry segments.




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