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5 winning tricks for RPO implementation globally

5 winning tricks for RPO implementation globally

‘Going global’ rightly identifies the work culture of Recruitment process outsourcing companies. Many corporate organizations of a particular region outsource their part or all of their hiring functions from local staffing agencies. With industry developing RPO implementation globally and job roles expanding, new job titles are witnessing naissance and positions to fill in have only gone up! So is the hiring of top-notch talent highly challenging for in-house HR experts of these organizations. Hence their reliance on staffing agencies!


The high cost of recruiting and the time involved for each quality hire has induced many of these staffing agencies to further outsource the assigned hiring functions from recruitment process outsourcing or RPO firms located in countries where they gain a competitive advantage in terms of cost, time, commitment, and quality. And India has indeed emerged as one of the most preferred destinations in this segment. Staffing agencies from the USA, UK, UAE, and Australia increasingly bet bottom dollar on RPO firms in India. No wonder it is required for the RPO company to ‘go global’.

For staffing agencies, it is an expansion of geographical boundaries, as it is more of a partnership venture rather than a client-vendor relationship. No legal hassles involved and no big investments required! They gain in terms of availing the services of a ready recruitment process outsourcing team who are ready to work in their time zone with complete dedication as RPO implementation globally Cultural and operational variations hardly affect, as the team is trained to handle international hiring assignments excellently.

Here are 5 winning tricks for an RPO company to successfully make a mark at the global level:

  1. As it is a collaborative venture with both parties located in different countries, the responsibility of delivering results on the part of the Offshore recruiter does count. If the assignment is related to hiring US talents for companies in the US, it is required for the recruiter to access US job boards and interact with prospective talents in American English. Thorough knowledge about US corporate culture and the nuances of US recruiting trends is a must! The RPO company thus should be culturally aligned, corporately capable, and highly responsible of undertaking the assignment
  2. Gaining new partnerships in recruitment process outsourcing does take time. Evaluate your team strengths. Going global requires that you are ready to collaborate with staffing agencies from any country and commit to delivering results specific to each country.
  3. Once a partnership venture is signed, the next step is instantaneously getting to work and gradually creating a track record of delivering results, i.e. hiring quality talents in the specified time. Winning your partner agency’s trust does matter!
  4. Recruitment process outsourcing companies should be ready for change always because RPO implementation globally hiring trends do change and adapting change innovatively and productively is the key to sustaining success and growth

Communication is the essence of recruiting industry. The offshore recruiter employed by the RPO company should be highly adept in communication skills specific to regions.




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