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The focus in sourcing the best talents – How RPO helps!

The focus in sourcing the best talents – How RPO helps!

The focus in sourcing the best talents: RPO Services

Is your recruiting campaign focused on sourcing ‘talents’ or ‘the best talents’? For the best results, outsourcing recruiting functions from an RPO services provider is but widespread for 90 percent of small and big companies worldwide. Come an assignment for a job opening to be filled or the task to fill over a score of vacancies, how will you react? Reacting on the spur of the moment is no solution. There is no dearth of talents. Every year, lakhs of talents attain professional degrees from universities. Yes, equivalently lakhs of jobs do get created. What finally matters is quality hires.

Multiple players in every industry segment have emerged giving rise to fierce competition. In the wake of the demand for quality talents, the RPO recruiting industry witnessed renaissance and has been seeing a boom for over a decade now. During the last decade, dozens of RPO firms were founded with the count increasing by the year. And while many exited over time, few maintained their competitive edges, while newer entrants are added to the kitty.

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One of the key reasons why most organizations today opt for outsourcing recruiting functions is indifference within departments of the organizations including all levels of employees in following a particular organizational culture. The result is failing to precisely follow organizational goals and objectives. What the company wants and what employees want thus fluctuates ensuing loss for the company. Ironically the pool of talents hired by the internal HR department may not always precisely match with the targeted job roles.

Here are few time-tested practices that RPO recruiting experts follow to maintain consistency in delivering results – of recruiting only the best pool of talents:

  • Irrespective of how urgent the hiring requirement is, recruiters, resist the impulse to recruit hurriedly. It is only after considering the full picture and based on complete specification and information that they set into action
  • They understand how to deal with every candidate from beginning to end right from the sourcing to on-boarding because they have time-tested strategies and technology processes to follow
  • For every level of candidates from fresher to mid to senior, they consider those that fit respective job roles precisely
  • Conflicting views among recruiting experts and hiring managers are avoided. The complete process is synchronized
  • They create interview guides fitting latest trends and developments of the industry in tandem with the company’s vision.

RPO recruiting experts take complete accountability and responsibility for all hiring assignments they undertake. It is only after understanding each assignment – in terms of skill strengths preferred for each job role, background, qualifications, experience, and related paraphernalia. No delivering of results would only mean exiting from the industry either in the short or long run! RPO services providers who are performers do gain a competitive edge and survive in the long run.




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