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Ways Startups Can Trump Technology Giants

Ways Startups Can Trump Technology Giants

Enormous advantages for Startups as compared to their massive competitors.

As an entrepreneur having multi-million dollar companies as your competitors is the terrifying thing. We are sure you the story of David and Goliath, once in a blue moon the underdog win. But does this leave any space for startups to grow as big names continue to pile up billions every year stockpiling more market share?

It definitely doesn’t. So how do you do it? Below are some fine points that would help you
weather the storm in a highly competitive market:

  • Know your advantage:
    As a growing tech startup, you should clearly understand your unique advantages.

As a startup you have various advantages:

  • As a startup, you can pivot more quickly and efficiently with changing market scenarios.
  • Limited numbers allow you to be more customer-centric allowing more personal
  • Adapt your product according to customer feedback.
  • Better customer retention with one-o- one engagement.
  • Developing cutting-edge technology according to customer insights.

Avoid toe-to-toe competition:

If a big corporation plunders the market in your operational space it’s better to avoid toe-to-toe
competition. This ensures you never go bad.

  • Unprecedented customer service:
    A well-tuned startup can easily trump its bigger competition in customer service.
  • Maximize your backend:
    In today’s tech economies it’s necessary to provide well-designed, dependable and extensive
    backend services that are available 24#7.
  • Partner with competitors:
    Yes, sometimes it’s best to work in tandem with the dominant.

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