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Think like a Marketer to Attract Talent

Think like a Marketer to Attract Talent

Recruiters need to behave like marketers in our times. Do you agree with this viewpoint? In the coming years, recruiters have recognized their role to search, select and hire new talent. Marketing is no longer an activity for the marketing department of the firm; rather it has now extended itself into recruitment too. Now, the recruiter needs to look at recruitment from the marketing perspective which is simply, thinking and acting like a marketer.

Think of creating your company’s brand and maintaining that brand is one of the primary goals for the company – now, think who’s doing that? This is done by the recruitment team and supported by the marketing team. To generate awareness about the candidates and move around the candidates through a regular recruitment funnel, a recruiter needs to use the correct tools and resources. In fact, the whole concept of building the company brand starts much before the interview stage.

Let’s see how the recruiter works as a marketer for attracting the right talent.

Doing intensive research to generate awareness about candidates, and moving them around through a continuous recruitment funnel needs proper knowledge about the local and national employment market; this includes finding out about the competitors’ key employees and getting new candidates from as well as finding out about where they are losing people too.

Next, for attracting talent, one needs to write a winning job description as well as a person specification customized for the job. It has to be created in a way that attracts great talent quite easily. Usually, job descriptions also include descriptions of their corporate culture and additional benefits offered to prospective candidates to increase their employment brand. Using SEO keywords in job descriptions is another important thing that helps the company to be found quicker in the online space and also, more easily. Thus, having copywriting and creative skills is very useful to help achieve that goal.

Also, the recruiter needs to know about the most effective channels for spreading the word about the job vacancies. The point is once the applications start rolling in and it reaches the interview stage, it’s time for promotions again for the existing staff of the firm. Knowing the right channels helps find the candidates much easily.

The recruiter needs to market the job and the company for potential job seekers and that too, in an attractive manner so that the ideal candidate does not hesitate to accept the job when it is actually being offered by a marketer For agency recruiters, this is even more of a challenge since they need to convince not just candidates but also, the company concerned to go ahead and make that perfect match to earn the commissions’ on which the recruitment business is dependent.

Employment branding is not just about creating the perfect buzzword but rather it is an important factor which needs careful work. A company that wants and needs to attract good talent needs to definitely invest a good amount of thought into the strategy for company brand building. The competition is getting tougher now, since as time goes by, attracting and getting the best talent is not going to be easy. Finding newer and more innovative ways of attracting talent is key to success in recruitment business. Also, having a strong employer brand makes it much easier for candidates to approach and get them interested in the interview process.

So, if you are a recruiter works as marketer out there, please pay heed and sharpen your marketing skills to attract the right talent!

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