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How RPOs are solving the challenges of healthcare recruitment agencies

How RPOs are solving the challenges of healthcare recruitment agencies


Healthcare is one among several industries that has seen a sharp surge in the hiring volume. A study notes that healthcare organizations were hiring 40% more than they did previously, and that can be termed as a crisis! There are several elements that have resulted in this situation and the healthcare recruitment agencies are battling vigorously to keep up with this demand. More than 60% of the organizations feel that the competition is getting tougher and tougher to hire top talents in this industry.

If we go by the current trends, these healthcare recruiting challenges are only going upward. RPOs need to find creative and substantial solutions to address these business challenges. Let us take a look at how they can be dealt with.

Speedy onboarding process:

The time-to-hire in the healthcare industry is annoyingly lengthy because of which top talents may slip right out of your hand. Technology can step in here to fasten the process. With the help of recruiting software and AI-assisted screening, RPOs can shortlist the talents much quicker for the healthcare client interview and onboard. It is also vital to have a full-featured screening solution allowing candidates to check the status of their application and to give online approval.

Replace growth in the compensation with attractive incentives:

With competition being so fierce to recruit the top healthcare talent available in the market, the clients who offer the best compensation are often the winners. But dynamic healthcare recruitment agencies like GlocalRPO can break this norm by offering incentives that are equally or far more attractive than salary. Lively work environment, flexible work timings, unparalleled career growth opportunities, loan forgiveness and signup incentives can all influence the candidate to opt your client over high-paying competitors.

Retain those good employees:

The biggest recruitment competition in the market is for highly qualified healthcare professionals. The number is less and the demand is enormous. The solution to this challenge is hire less and retain more. If your healthcare client has good employees already working with them, why not promote them to higher positions. This will address the demand almost instantaneously and by retaining the employees, the organization will win their trust. Work towards creating a talent pipeline that helps in retaining talents and one can have more satisfied employees.

Promote the local talent market:

The healthcare recruiting crisis is more profound in some regions in the US compared to the metropolitans. Healthcare professionals seem to favor the buzz of the bigger cities. To address this very peculiar challenge the healthcare recruitment agencies need to take an emotional approach. As yourself, what does the countryside have that the metros don’t and the list can be surprisingly convincing. The laidback life, the pleasant fields, fresh air and healthy food, all these are more valuable than monetary gains. When clubbed with good facilities, these factors can convince a good physician or a therapist to opt for a low profile location.

Challenges will continue to darken the skies for healthcare recruitment agencies in the years to come. But with innovative thinking and problem-solving attitude, you can continue hiring top talent for your healthcare clients.




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