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DO’S and DON’T of partnering with an RPO Agency

DO’S and DON’T of partnering with an RPO Agency


Simple steps to help guide your decision-making while partnering with an RPO Agency.

Nowadays, when there is such an increase in business competitors, more and more companies are choosing RPO agency to outpace one another.Choosing an RPO agency as a partner can be a huge asset. Except, it should never be an impulsive decision and clear communication and planning are key to any successful partnership. Success in recruiting does not happen on its own. Rather, it requires dedication and cooperation between RPO agency and the client company.

To make the process easy, here are some do’s and don’t while choosing RPO Partnership. 

  • Leadership and Shareholders

Company’s HR Department or in-house recruitment is not sufficient to make a partnership successful, company’s leadership involvement is essential at the beginning stage. Both RPO agency and companies client needs to allocate leaders to supervise the partnership. If something is not working in the requisite partnership, contract staffing recruiter and leader allocated by the company must work together to get things working again and build the trust that may be lost. One of the best ways to ensure good cooperation is to conduct meeting once a month to discuss all the goals and agenda of the company.

  • ConductRegular InternalSurveys 

Partnering with RPO agency can be exciting, but they should not be hired and then abandoned. The success lies in keeping an open dialog and conducing internal survey regularly with the RPO companies. Understanding some key point is important for an RPO Partnership-

  1. Goals and objective of the partnership should be discussed on matters such as cost, time-to-fill, and gaining efficiencies in lacking areas.
  2. Business needs and culture of the company should be clear.
  3. Management and support of on-going recruitment process
  • Set clear expectation on the impact of recruitment outsourcing 

It is critical to get clear forecast on what the companies want from its RPO agency. Goals of the partnership should be established, weather it is cost reduction, to reduce time to fill, where you want to be in a year, what kind of candidates you want to reach, and how your recruiting strategy will be better than it was before the partnership.

  • Open to changes in management strategy 

Change in recruitment process may hit someone’s soft corner and can make them resistant to change, being open minded about RPO is the key. You should be clear while entering into a recruitment outsourcing company that time and money is essential for an effective management change. Not being able to do so may result in lack of adoption of new procedures, unsatisfied hiring managers, increasing complaints and failure to achieve the goals of the program. 

  • RPO should be in sync with over-all business strategy

 Outsourcing your recruitment is a strategy, to improve focus on other critical HR activities, gain access to best expertise and technology. RPO agency should be aligned with your business ethic to get you the best candidate.

Recruiting outsourcing companies is not a one-time thing. Companies and RPO agency will have their own challenges and best practices for reaching success. Staying on the same page will help achieve best result from RPO agency and its partners.

This may seem difficult, but RPO’s are experts for a reason: They have the experience, the technology and the skills to ensure their clients get the very best candidate to build a long-term talent acquisition strategy.

As they say, “Recruiting should be viewed as business partner, someone who is critical to the success of the business.” – MATHEW CALDWELL. At Glocal RPO our solutions are customized to meet your mandates by deep diving into the heart of your hiring needs.

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