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Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process

Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Hiring Process

All employers discover sooner or later, there’s a world of difference between an employee who’s appropriately matched to his job and the organization, and one who is not. But how can one find and match the right candidates to the right jobs? By including, a well-structured and Improve Hiring Process recruitment and selection program in their comprehensive people strategy. The key to developing such a program successfully is to follow an established hiring process for the positions you need to fill. Resist omitting steps, because shortcutting the course of action can swindle your results.

Here’s what you need to do to improve hiring process:

1 Choose multiple channels

Any savvy organization will exploit the right hiring channels and methods for a given position. While the standard channels include – internal recruiters, executive search firms, advertising, employee referral programs, campus recruiting, temporary staffing agencies and of course, RPO’s, not all of them are appropriate for filling every position. Irrespective of the organizational level or position recruited for, it is imperative to understand how to find the best talent – which media they use, how they are networking etc how they can Improve Hiring Process. These details are a prerequisite for accurately targeting the most desirable talent.

2 Start with the outcome in mind

When people are asked whether it is more important for them to hire quickly or correctly, most of them reply “it is more important to hire correctly.” It is essential to persistently keep the outcome in mind—to create value through discovering the right talent.  Start backfilling dates on your calendar. If a position is open today, calculate now, when the candidates need to be interviewed for the first second rounds of interviews. Block off dates on your calendar right now. Also, be sure that you don’t start without ensuring that the hiring manager is available for interviews.

3 Add technology in all aspects of your hiring processes

Technology helps in increasing hiring quality and speed while reducing costs. Presently, job boards make up the most use of the Web, offering access to innumerable resumes within hours. But, did you know, the Web can also be a great tool for screening thousands of resumes? In future, companies will exploit the power of the Web to gather and instantaneously match data on applicant’s skills, experience, and motivations against job criteria. Some organizations are already making use of the Web for online testing as well as assessment. Other uses of technology in hiring process include candidate self-scheduling and tracking.

Other than using the Web for hiring process few more technological applications can also be used such as phone-based assessment or video conferencing both of which can help purging the need of travel and save time for the hiring managers.

 4 Plan your recruitment lifecycle, not the requisitions.

As a talent acquisition professional or a human resources business partner, you are required to fill multiple positions by being efficient with your responsibilities and time, for utmost efficiency focus on planning your recruitment lifecycle instead of requisitions. Here are few steps you can follow:

  • Block timeslots for key tasks in your calendar.
  • Screen resumes in one go.
  • Schedule calls and meetings for specific timeslots.

Avoid hurriedly tossing from one requisition to the next. Plan your activities around the key aspects of the recruitment lifecycle, and applaud yourself on being organized, structured and in tune with your client’s needs.

 5 Streamline

Managing applications and resumes is a rather challenging aspect of the recruitment process. There are a number of efficient software applications and systems that you can invest in to streamline this process. Leveraging applicant tracking systems can help in making this process more efficient.

In the end

Every hiring manager is looking out to save his/her time and efforts and what best way he/she can Improve Hiring Process. Our suggestion to them starts taking a formalized and structured approach to hiring. It’ll provide you a roadmap to better hiring, which ultimately leads to improved performance of your organization as a whole. In due course, you’ll find out it was totally worth the investment!




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