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Time to change your hiring process

Time to change your hiring process

Hiring is often considered as a hectic process, but nowadays the organizations have made it more difficult by exceeding their expectations and complicating their procedures. But as it is the core foundation for any company hence there is a need for a change. The hiring process needs to be updated and made more simple and clear. But due to excessive workload, it is not feasible for them to give extra focus only on this domain. This can sometimes create a lot of frustration and can take a lot of time.

Troubles or frustration involved: There are a lot of troubles associated with in-house hiring process. Some of the key troubles are.

  • Rehearsed answers

The HRs usually get frustrated (in fact feel bored) during the interviews, due to the repetitive and same answers from the candidates. Those same answers feel like a Scripted and redundant stories been told to them. Such instances make the HRs frustrated and in turn, they may fail to give their best shot.

  • Candidate pool problems: If your candidate pool is such (like mentioned above), then the quality may not be guaranteed. As the in-house candidate pool is generally limited in size so there exist problems regarding the selection procedure.

Now if the above-mentioned points stand true in your case that is:

Are you disappointed with your applicant pool?

It is true that you are burnt out on listening to the same exhausting, practiced answers again and again amid meetings?

Do you have an inclination that you are searching for a hopeful that simply doesn’t exist?

Assuming that your answers to all these questions are “YES” then you’re hiring procedure needs a change.

Why is this happening to you?

You are not alone in this list. IT is often heard that managers face difficulty in hiring a “right” candidate. They have arrangements of capabilities, necessities, and depictions of what they are searching for. They talk with many candidates and can’t locate the right fit. The reason they continue having this issue is normally straightforward: they are making it too hard.

So, what is the solution?

Now, this is the question that arises. Well, one of the solutions associated is to involve an Offshore-RPO.

  • RPO involvement:

Involving an RPO gives you the much-needed edge in the hiring process. Their unique and flexible hiring process makes the hiring process more interesting and clear.

  • Basics benefits associated:

Involving an RPO gives you a lot of other benefits like Cost reduction, complexity reduction and time-saving approach. Other than this when you hire an RPO, a major portion of your burden is shifted on their shoulders and you can control the whole process from the comfort of your office, without needing to do much.

Glocal RPO is one such name in the field of hiring consultants. Their unique hiring process can help you gain the much needed talented workforce for your organization.

Some of the key points they focus on:

  • Taking a stab at reducing the required qualifications, having just 5-6 capabilities that are most basic for the position.
  • Whenever talking with candidates, discard the scripted inquiries, go for a more natural discussion.
  • Discovering candidates who are prepared for the following stride in their profession, not ones who need to keep doing likewise they’ve been doing.
  • Searching for applicants with potential, and put resources into preparing them appropriately.

They believe in quality hiring rather than hard-working approach. They also believe that finding the right hopeful isn’t generally simple, yet don’t make it harder than it must be. Go into it with a receptive outlook and a crisp methodology.




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