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Recruiting Top Talent Through Social Media

Recruiting Top Talent Through Social Media

It is an era of technological advancement and with an increase in the same comes social media in the picture. Social Media plays a great role in helping brands to reach their customers easily especially youngsters who are highly active on such platforms. Not just that, it is considered that while recruiting candidates one should never rely on just one or two sources and this is where the strength of social media becomes most visible. It assists companies to find the right talent on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Therefore most of the organizations have started taking the help of these platforms to recruit fresh talent.  Some critical things all companies should be doing are:

  1. Enable your employees to evangelize

As we all know life is all about accepting changes and moving on. So it is needed from a company and its employees to understand how social media is gaining popularity and how it can be used to promote themselves or to serve their purpose of recruiting fresh or experienced talent.

The focus of top-level management should be on the fact that they enable their employees to grasp new things in order to yield better results and also they should be motivated to convey a positive image of the company so that more and more people get to know about it. Empower them to write blogs or tweet about their work, post pictures of the events that take place within the organization so that it becomes easy to attract people to join your firm.

  1. Promote positive publicity across the social web

Social media is a highly influential thing these days; consequently, it becomes very important to be careful about the way you present your organization on social platforms. The more positive exposure you cultivate for your company over the internet, the more great talent will come looking for you. Through social media, you can post pictures and videos of official events that take place which would have a company in attracting people to join them. Blogs related to benefits that employees enjoy or their positive experiences with the company can be posted on social media platforms. Though, it should be kept into consideration that no confidential information is made public through this method. Also, anything promoted across the social web must be positive and consistent in nature so that it causes no harm to company’s image.

  1. Avoid common mistakes

 Many recruiters and business owners make a few mistakes along the way in their search for top talent. To help you stay focused here are the top mistakes to avoid in order for you to reach your full potential:

a) Posting the job is never enough: Always be readily available to update users on how the recruitment process is going, share explicit details about the role, and respond to user inquiries about the position and wider application process.

b) Don’t oversimplify: It is essential to clearly define your target audience. This helps in deciding which networks would be the most effective for filling the position.

c) Prioritize depth: For social recruiting to become successful you need two things – number 1 – take time to develop your connections and number 2 – build trust before recruitment to make sure you entice the best talent around. Your priority should be depth and not breadth.d) Don’t start without proper direction: While recruiting through social media it is important for recruiters to seek training and guidance in order to promote best practices.

d) Don’t start without proper direction: While recruiting through social media it is important for recruiters to seek training and guidance in order to promote best practices. Also, it is prudent to do this in a group or team so that everybody’s collective expertise can be put to use and issues can be resolved easily.

  1. Be mobile friendly

 According to a recent research, seven out of ten job seekers search for employment on their mobile devices, whether it involves receiving job alerts, viewing job postings or reading job-related blogs, forums and articles. So, recruiters need to make sure that every part of hiring process should also be available to mobile users whether it is a job application or video interview. In order to meet candidate’s rising expectations, social media and mobile are becoming important tools in the continuous search for talent.

  1. Niche social groups

 Niche social groups are a lot more effective than having examples on a website because they are a lot more personal. Through such groups, candidates get an opportunity to communicate openly with employers which can help them know more about an organization’s culture. It also helps recruiters to share company updates regarding openings with a ready-made talent pool.

There are a number of LinkedIn and Facebook groups which help recruiters to derive insight from such niche social networks to understand the views and attitudes of specialized individuals in specific areas. Niche social groups, unlike large social networks, provide access to professional experts in their specific areas.

In the end: The use of social media has not only proved successful in finding the right talent for the job, however it has also impacted on the wider recruitment process for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Moreover, it is said ‘you go fishing where the fishes are swimming’ and currently social media platforms are the places to find fish for yourself.





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