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Grooming Smart Recruiting Leaders: Tips to Keep in Mind

Grooming Smart Recruiting Leaders: Tips to Keep in Mind

Grooming Smart Recruiting Leaders: Tips to Keep in Mind by HR in conferences, the most commonly asked question is – “What topics should be on the agenda of recruiting leaders at elite firms?” Or another one – “What should Google plan to do next as far as recruiting is concerned?”

Interesting questions and important ones that need to be asked and answered carefully and more often; sadly, recruiting is such a tough business and at the same time, a competitive business, that thinking through on these questions is hardly possible, unless it’s an elite firm. There too, HR does not always occupy the ‘star position’ as far as business budget-sharing is concerned.

But with time, as HR and Training have evolved, business leaders and firms have realized the importance of recruitment. Technology has also played an important part in changing the perception of HR in business and as such, the role played by recruiters is under the scanner.

Here are six thought topics and tips to help the recruiters!

  1. Develop target-oriented hiring programs: Developing a target-oriented recruitment program that focuses on hiring innovators and adaptive individuals will have a measurable impact on the bottom line of the firm. Google, as well as Facebook to some extent, have used technique successfully.
  2. Predictive analytics and data should replace historical vertical metrics: Usually, vendor-supplied data trends dominate the recruitment consulting business. Almost, 99 percent of the recruitment metrics are ‘historical’ in nature, which just means that it tells you what happened last year. Real-time metrics are more powerful as they tell you what’s happening today. On the other hand, predictive analytics are even more powerful in nature as they tell you what’s going to happen in the future and the reason behind it, which, helps immensely in coming up with effective solutions.
  3. Employer branding to be up-to-date: The recession and the down economy has resulted in stagnation in the employer branding efforts. In this scenario, it’s tough to recruit star potential employees. Also, hiring has now become more competitive, thanks to social media, and company rankings being published in platforms such as Glassdoor.com, which makes it easy for candidates to check up on the company’s reputation. So, employer branding has to take a more proactive approach.
  4. Candidate selling has to be improved: When the economy rebounds and candidates have more choices, closing positions will become tougher. As a result, the neglected ‘selling’ aspects of recruitment will become critical. Thus, the selling aspects and capabilities of the ‘recruitment’ business need to be closely watched. It has to move away from more traditional approaches to a more data-driven selling approach. Data always convinces better and recruiters will have to take recourse to data to convince candidates.
  5. Online assessments have to be considered: The traditional approaches to hiring which includes, relying on resumes, face-to-face/telephonic interviews, and reference checks’ is a mistake. Online assessments that check for personalities are gaining ground and need to be adopted as part of the standard recruitment process and Smart Recruiting. This will help deliver better and more effective results.
  6. Personalized recruiting for getting difficult candidates: Marketing has effectively paved the way for corporations to reinforce the traditional one-size-fits-all program with a more targeted approach. Recruitment consultancies use a personalized approach to hiring but most corporations and big firms have failed to develop personalized recruitment. Personalized recruiting is a more effective approach as it focuses on the unique needs and individual personality traits of highly desirable candidates. Deloitte uses this approach to land ‘tough’ candidates, and this method has paid off for them called Smart Recruiting.

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