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Five Key Recruiting Trends of 2016

Five Key Recruiting Trends of 2016

As we move well into 2016 and leave the New Year resolutions behind us, it’s time to understand the recruiting trends that will rule the recruiting world. Taking stock of these recruiting trends and understanding them will be the key to keeping up with the dynamic recruitment world.

#1 Sell your job descriptions better. That’s the first point of contact for the candidates, which is when you catch their attention. Put out boring descriptions of the job description and be sure to turn away a host of ‘interesting and potential candidates’. They will take one look, read lack-luster content and move away. On the other hand, make the job descriptions more interesting and this will surely intrigue the candidates enough for them to pursue the candidature with interest.

#2 Data-driven talent acquisitions will rule. Talent hunt and recruitment will be dominated by hard data. Recruitment will be about data and research did well by candidates on firms and firms on candidates. The focus would be on recruiting the right candidates with the right personality; which will be done through pre-employment assessment screening.  The pre-assessment screening will come to play a major role in the recruitment process and strategy of all firms.

#3 Innovator and enablers will be the flavor of the season. A focus on recruiting trends will be on recruiting those who can perform and excel in their proposed job roles. They will be the innovators who guide and shape the company rather than be guided by the company. They bring something extra to the job at hand. The most innovative firms such as Apple, Amazon, etc boast of employees who are innovators and their rate of workforce productivity is higher compared to other firms. Hence, in 2016, the focus will be on recruiting innovators and those who bring something extra to the table.

#4 Selling talent will prove to be tough. With the explosion of the Internet and the social media, it is easy to find talent and those qualified to do a job. What will be difficult will be that top candidates will be tough to sell. The indicated drop in unemployment rates and the creation of more jobs means more options and candidates being flooded with multiple offers. To be successful, recruiters will need to develop stronger selling skills in order to convince prospects to apply, come for multiple interview rounds and then get them to accept the offers. Increased competition will ensure that top candidates will be flooded with multiple job offers and recruitment agencies will find it tough going.

#5 Multiple-round stringent screening will become the new norm. With bogus CVs, fudged CVs and general misinformation doing the rounds, the focus will be on strict filtering and weed out the dummy candidates. The stringent multiple-round screening will become the new normal and background check, reference check and data verification will become more and more integrated into the recruitment strategy.

Hiring will become more nuanced, complex and extremely competitive, so let’s gear up for the road ahead.

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