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It’s the Age of Mobile Recruiting!

It’s the Age of Mobile Recruiting!

It’s a mobile world we are living in! Yes, you heard that right; we are living in a mobile world, literally. Mobile has overtaken so much of our lives that we actually ‘swear’ by that. So much so that mobile phones are being used for hiring and that too quite effectively known as Mobile recruiting.

Why is mobile recruitment on the rise? Let’s understand the top 3 reasons that explain the benefits of this strategy.

According to the data released by the International Data Corp. (IDC) 2015, more Americans will surf the Internet on their mobiles than on their PCs. In the year 2016, it is predicted that half of all Internet traffic to career/job sites will come from mobile devices.

  1. The point is if businesses manage to attract the best and the brightest talent, then they must build their sites for mobile optimization since this is where the target audience stays. Top recruitment firms’ which includes Randstad Technologies’ is redesigning their site in order to stay on top of their game and attract the best talent from their comfort zone – the mobile. The top reason for mobile recruitment is on the rise is drawing out the right talent from their comfort zone. The top talent surfs the web on their mobiles and as such, recruitment firms have no choice but to ‘talk to them’ on the mobile. Mobile apps for recruitment job boards such as Naukri are commonplace.
  2. And now that hiring has somewhat made a comeback, mobile is the only place to go. Though it is quite tough to sell mobile recruiting as an effective strategy to top leaders in management positions in a firm, yet it is slowly and steadily being given a place of prominence in the recruitment strategies. Why? Because job seekers are more likely to check for latest jobs posted while doing an errand. Recruitment going mobile means that the concept of having to ‘sit at a desk’ and doing something important is now being effectively phased out. As a result, applying for jobs on the go is more the norm now. When a job-seeker sees an interesting piece of a job on the go, they are more likely to apply for it then and there. If there is no mobile app for that job and the recruitment firm doesn’t believe in it, then, the chances of applying for that job diminishes, if he has to come back home and apply.
  3. A primary reason why mobile recruiting is on the rise is that of ease of application and convenience and the sense of immediacy. That just means that when a job is posted, the job seeker sees it and applies for it. This means that the recruiter finds it that much easier to close the position. This also translates into the fact that positions are being closed quicker and offers cost-benefits for the firms following this as a strategy. No, wonder then that mobile recruiting is finding favor amongst the top management too.

Going mobile is no more a luxury, but rather, a necessity now!

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