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Data-Driven Recruitment – The Game-Changer

Data-Driven Recruitment – The Game-Changer

It’s the day and age of Data and Analytics. It has finally come-of-age or it’s finally getting its due. Whichever way you want to see it? Recruitment Data is now big and is here to stay. So, if you are a recruiter and want to make a New Year resolution (not too late as yet), then let it be to use ‘data-driven’ technology.

Here’s why data-driven recruiting will be good to embrace in the HR practice.

# Data makes the process quicker.  The market operates on the principles of demand and supply; the same is true for the job market. These days, companies are extremely picky about the candidates they want to hire for a particular job. The list of checks for ‘the perfect candidate’ from the hiring manager for each job is long while the pressure on recruiters to fill the number of positions is high! Then what? To be an ace recruiter, you need to be on top of the game and this is when data comes in handy. The pressure to deliver is such that it is tough to ‘steal’ the time to be analytical about the hiring process. Data proves to be helpful here as data is clinical by nature and helps you locate the best candidate while assessing the fit of that candidate. This is as perfect as it can get – at least data helps you close positions faster – compared to when you don’t use data for recruitment.

# Data identifies the talent pool faster too. As a recruiter, you can easily and speedily identify and prioritize the talent pools. This saves time in the process later. Also, if you can sum up the exact talent pool picture for your hiring manager and come up with suggestions to include particular pools or exclude or maybe, even recommend certain job traits, then your job is half done. The hiring manager trusts you and your choices – the process becomes quicker on its own.

# Data can change the perception of how recruiters are. In a recently released LinkedIn report, recruitment data was startling. It revealed that nearly 75% of recruiters didn’t use data for hiring and nearly 56% of the recruiting teams were reactive and took orders. This just means that recruiters pressed for time and rushing to meet targets and deadlines were missing the mark. And, ‘them’ missing the mark, simply means that the candidates hired might not be of the ‘best’ quality. Now think of the counter-scenario, if you are a recruiter and use data, from being passive and reactive, you would be the one to ‘stimulate’ the hiring manager and in this way, stimulate the hiring process in turn.

# Data changes the hiring conversation. It’s a proven fact that successful recruiters and hiring managers, both, don’t stay away from data. They leverage it to save time. It is being acknowledged as the number one driver of measuring recruiting performance. Hiring now is all about building relationships and being collaborative. Data makes it a collaborative and consultative process – between the hiring manager and recruiters, between recruiters and candidates.

Data is a game-changer in the modern recruiting process and is improves the recruiting efforts by a double while having the time taken, thus, making it a more efficient process!

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