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How to choose an Expert RPO?

How to choose an Expert RPO?

Options to help you find the expert talent you need:

1) RPO requirement and options available
It often comes to our mind that in a technologically advanced world, what is the need to hire someone to do something that can be done on our own but what is important to note is that not always we make correct decisions in one go and therefore it is important to have a second opinion. It turns out to be even more beneficial if these opinions come from the ones we call as Expert. Glocal RPO provides you with numerous options to help you find the talent you need for your organization.

2) Roadmap for choosing a good RPO
Choosing a good RPO requires you to proceed further through a proper roadmap and here are few Steps involved in choosing a good RPO

a)  Get support from executive
Executive support is essential for a successful RPO solution. Offering suggestions when you don’t agree with the idea presented by RPO provider is a must. To build a successful RPO solution cooperation of everyone has to be there.

b) Set Realistic Expectations
It is not right to think RPO provider will solve all your recruiting problems as this might lead to unrealistic expectations, and failure in attaining the same would lead to high disappointments. One has to accept the fact that recruitment process outsourcing isn’t perfect. So, it may take an RPO provider some time to figure out what to work out and what’s specifically happening.

c) Include Your Entire Recruitment Needs
Having one RPO provider handle all of your needs will not only make things easier for you but will also benefit applicants as they will have greater opportunity and access to full-time, contract and contract-to-hire opportunities. While creating a roadmap, it is important to include your entire recruitment needs.

d) Compile a List of Potential RPO Providers
Make a list of verified RPO providers. You can search them by location, industry, department, services, and other criteria and then you can directly contact the providers that interest you.

e) Communicate Your Recruiting Pain Points
Identify those three or four things that you would want your RPO provider to accomplish as an expert. Provide them with as much information as you can, in order to build a better relationship with them. For instance, tell them why you are planning to outsource recruiting function, Provide them an overview of current recruitment infrastructure that RPO needs to replace. Provide them the data so as to inform them about the number of hires in the previous year and number of hires expected in the upcoming year along with brief description of responsibilities, salary levels, locations etc.

f) Select Your RPO Provider
RPO cannot be successful without the careful consideration of necessary factors. Therefore it is important to select from technology, processes, staff, and approach that fulfills your purpose. It is critical to select the provider that matches your company’s culture, management style, goals, and objectives. Some might prefer using your existing technology while others might have a complete end-to-end solution.

3) How Glocal RPO fulfills your criteria & what we offer?
We at Glocal provide you with facilities that make your recruiting process smooth. Below mentioned are some of our offerings:

1) A committed crew
One of the advantages of partnering with Glocal RPO is that we have a committed crew that works for you and includes benefits like: Recruiters with end-to-end expertise, Experienced recruiters working as your extended team across industries, Recruiters with experience of both recruitment and HR solutions, recruiters with your area code phone lines, the technology savvy ones who work at the utmost efficiency, the multi-dimensional ones i.e. the ones carrying out both active and passive search by clicking on the top job boards like monster, tech fetch etc. and internal databases such as Google and LinkedIn as well. Moreover, the flexibility to choose your own recruiting team and receiving guidance on strategic workforce planning, developing talent pools, as well as training and development, are some of the added benefits.

2) Match profile mandate with resume quality
Acquiring talent and managing it requires utmost dedication and process optimization. Resume sourcing is one crucial element of this process. For this, you need to identify the right keywords and effective assessment of the resume. Glocal RPO Expert works for making all the difference required while recruiting. We make your resume sourcing process easy and fast. Time is thus better utilized on more productive tasks.

Better results are delivered right from the day you join hands with us. We help your recruiters by letting them save time and focus on other responsibilities.

3) Target jobs according to skills and experience

Job search is another time-consuming task. We aim at targeting jobs according to one’s skills and experience. From filtering calls to negotiating with a continuous follow-up, it is a step-by-step process. A job search can at times be a wearisome process. Glocal RPO helps in turning job task into a less time-consuming task. Our expert is backed by years of expertise in the industry.

4) Boost your team’s business development power
Business Development Manager
(BDM) focuses on a generation of new leads and converting them into revenue generating clients. Glocal comes into the picture to help you reduce cost as we have wide expertise in international business development that would help you explore and expand your business capabilities.

5) Save time & costs, get results from Day 1
At Glocal RPO, our recruitment process outsourcing practices are a combination of a well-trained resource and a good process. With knowledge and experience gained over the years, we are continuously training resources for various offshore outsourced recruitment process roles.




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