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How to choose an excellent RPO Company?

How to choose an excellent RPO Company?

For any business, big or small the need to focus on core business processes is most important, another important aspect would have cost control. These are the two key reasons why businesses are exploring the option of RPO Company (recruitment process outsourcing). Outsourcing all of or part of your recruitment puts your recruitment process in the hands of skilled and knowledgeable recruitment consultants, saving you both time and money.

Other benefits of RPO include a reduction in turnover rate, improvisation of recruiting processes and control over aspects of seasonality or rapid growth which make it unfeasible to keep up with the hiring needs.

Generally, recruitment process outsourcing solutions are flexible depending on your needs. Still, companies that choose to outsource the screening process and employment search must reflect on the policies, reputation, database, practices, SLA, and costs of recruitment agencies.

Searching for a suitable recruitment partner involves a number of decisive factors. Here, we have defined a process for you which will help you associate methodically.

Formulate a basic strategy with due research – Generally, RPO partnering is not a temporary arrangement. It’s a two-way street and requires that you share your issues and concerns in return of which your RPO firm will dig out the source of your problems and offer solutions. Therefore, instead of following a herd mentality and starting discussions with RPO companies, first, you must figure out existing issues and formulate a basic strategy that can you can share with the likely partners.

Select and build a database of credible RPO firmsOnce you settle on your needs, you can start searching for an excellent RPO company to meet your requirements. While you search for them, you should be tuned into an appropriate selection criterion – the size of the firm, experience, talent acquisition strategy, social network, global presence are few indispensable factors that should be screened at the onset, to do the same its best if you build a database of credible RPO firms.

SLA – Talking with probable RPO firms does not mean that you are committing to associate. When it comes to actual partnering, verbal credentials are of no use. Before getting into an agreement you must test the waters first. A dependable and reliable firm should be willing to take up sample assignments to demonstrate their abilities. Signing up a service level agreement should be the last thing on your to-do list. Once you discover the right firm, you must sign an SLA which summarizes deliverables from both parties.





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