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The changing landscape of RPO

The changing landscape of RPO


Someone so wisely said, “You cannot manufacture talent… you need to recruit it in the first place.” A multitude of companies is on the constant lookout for people with specific talent and skill sets to shoulder responsibilities with them. On the other side of the spectrum are the millions of skilled, trained and efficient individuals yearning for great work experience. Bridging the gap between these two ends of the society are the RPO recruiting companies.

It was at the beginning of this millennium that RPO recruitment picked up the pace and more companies started outsourcing their hiring responsibilities to a third party. Almost 2 decades down the line, we have seen major changes ushering into the field of RPO and they are bringing in more value addition than ever before. From being mere recruitment consultants, RPOs are evolving into a collaboration between employers and RPO firms. A strategic relationship is on the rise as RPOs enhance the role they play.

Why do we see an uptick in recruitment process outsourcing?

 Companies are facing constant challenges in talent acquisition and hiring. Smarter and highly skilled RPOs like Glocal Rpo are thus becoming important players, with their ability to automate the entire recruitment process and planning. It is encouraging to see how emerging RPOs are channelizing technology and their creativity to grab hold of many sought-after candidates.

Recruitment managers are often driven by sales and margin. In the process one may lose out on finding the suitable talents to handle companies’ operations. RPOs on the other hand spend their maximum time in finding the resources with the right skills, intelligence and attitude; for your business. Companies thus have started to trust them more to shoulder their recruitment responsibilities.

Thirdly, outsourced business solutions recruitment today has become more and more niche specific. RPOs are focusing their efforts in connecting the top talents with particular expertise, to the employers and thus creating balancing the demand supply chain. These firms not only acquire the talents based on their skills but they help companies boost their ROI due to reduced costs. At the same time, businesses can hire the candidates locally around the globe.

Also partnering with the right RPOs today has become equally crucial to enhance your employer brand. Considering the fact that young generation esteems a great company culture and company values more than the higher salary. By constantly keeping clients updated about market expectations, analysis of the competition, trends and so on, RPO recruiting companies assist in building a positive and attractive employer brand.

So, in a nutshell, modern recruiters have far more data, analytics in the form of advanced recruitment tools at hand making their services more target oriented and efficient. 2017 saw a great deal of technology-induced into RPO market which is expected to intensify as time goes by.

As employers from varied fields are on the hunt for talents that fit their requirements the best, the future of RPO looks pretty vibrant! Employers and employees can expect more specific, quality oriented and satisfying service from this industry. Leading RPOs like Glocalrpo know how to strike the right balance between top talents and all the ambitious employers.




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