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Are Your Candidates Lying And Exaggerating?

Are Your Candidates Lying And Exaggerating?

Have your candidates lied about their skill sets? Have they exaggerated and embossed their job responsibilities? These are but commonplace events in the employer-employee world! According to a survey conducted a year ago, 18 percent of candidates across the world have lied about their skill sets and 38 percent have inflated their job responsibilities at some point. Isn’t it a whopping figure? What employers want, are specific but it is no easy affair to exactly fill the specifications! No wonder the RPO Recruitment terrain is gaining more momentum due to the extending gap between employers and employees.

RPO Recruitment

Every organization does want to employ a pool of talent who become real drivers of growth. Facts have proven that better the talent pool, faster the growth and success of the organization. Gone were the days when direct hiring by an organization’s HR team held sway. Today, it is more of indirect sourcing. Because spotting lies and embellishments is no easy job. It is indeed close to impossible! And if the identification does not happen, it is the only loss of costs and time not to mention the loss to the organization in the long run. With RPO recruitment, the resume of the candidate is justified. Yes, strengths are identified and right hiring decisions are taken. Had RPO teams failed to spot lies and embellishments leading to the hiring of the wrong talents, the segment would not have witnessed the boom it is witnessing today.

Look around in the hiring terrain worldwide. You will find people talking, dining, and sleeping about RPO recruiting! Such is the buzz! Is the candidate count the same every year after year? Of course not! Visualize about the countless institutes conferring professional degrees to lakhs of aspirants. Imagine about the almost equal and more number of job posts created! Does every talent fit into a targeted job post? Certainly not! Defining strengths and weaknesses and accordingly choosing the right candidates harmonizing their skill sets with targeted job positions is no less a challenge. RPO recruiting emphasizes on this aspect. And hence, the hypersonic rise of this industry segment.

Yes, hiring decisions can go wrong. Have you, as hiring managers and recruiters, conjectured why? Certainly what employers want is specific so are your hiring goals set according to top requirements. Change and innovation is the order of the day. The strategies you have followed yesterday may not prove successful today. For consistent results, adapting to change is a must! Never work based on intuition. Follow time-tested strategies, systems, and technology processes. This applies to the RPO recruitment segment as well. Because what matters, in the end, is hiring quality talent!




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