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The RPO Sector Growth

The RPO Sector Growth

The RPO industry has seen a marvelous growth over years. Starting as an experimental practice, the RPO sector growth has evolved into a full-fledged industry. Taking the several benefits associated in mind, this success was bound to happen. Here we provide you a quick overview of the stats associated with the industry over past few years. Here is how the practice has evolved and being accepted by the core of the industry.

RPO Sector Growth growth statistics (growth in past 5 years)

Continuous growth pattern:

Focusing on the trend in the past 5 years, the industry has seen nothing short of an exponential growth both in terms of revenue generation and market acceptance.

  • Exponential growth

The growth seen by the industry has been rapid. With a moderate acceptance of 20% in the year 2009 to a market acceptance of more than 50% at present, the industry has seen marvelous results. From the 20% offshore components in the year 2009 the RPO sector increased to figures of 24, 31, and 38 in subsequent years and now stands at a high figure of 65% in 2016.

Reason For growth:

The question that arises is; what are the reasons that this market is experiencing such a boost? Well, the answer to these lies below:

  • Benefits associated

One of the most important reason is the benefits associated with the process. gives you the much-needed savings both in terms of time and money. The heavy cuts in cost and time of hiring surely promote the idea among the brands running tight on schedule and manpower.

  • Results-oriented approach

Another key reason for the popularity of this approach among companies is the approach these offshore follow. They blend their unique and target-oriented approach to achieve the much-needed goals.

  • Sharing of risks

Partnering with an RPO “make your problems theirs”. You can shoulder a number of your responsibilities to them. This gives you the control over the flow of work but reduces your risks to half.

Significance of these stats and growth associated

These stats clearly signifies and validate the benefits associated. It clearly depicts that the benefits mentioned are not mere some points mentioned on a paper, they actually exist. The growth this sector has seen is clearly signified that companies have seen success after partnering with this sector. The results provided by the sector are the only reasons for this increasing percentage of market acceptance. All the facts clearly depict the progress and reasons and how the offshore RPO Sector Growth has emerged into a reliable industry. The trust is evident from the increasing numbers of off-shore partnerships.

Glocal has also emerged as a trusted name in the RPO Sector Growth industry. We focus on fulfilling the actual requirements of the clients rather than just filling up the positions. Our team focuses on the unique and innovative ways of hiring a candidate. We want you to use your resources effectively.

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